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Project Plan Essay

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Cheongsam and Chinese Women: Body Image in 100 Years of Shanghai

This project plan is created based on the business case The Secret Life of Cheongsam: History and Material Culture (Phase I). This project plan is not based on a real project.

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Modern cheongsam, which became the national garment since 1929, signified female liberation and played a significant role on how Chinese women defined their identity.

The project will create an online, fully searchable archive of digital images taken from a cheongsam collection. Fashion, history and culture will form the focus of the online archive in order to draw out its material relevance to body image, given its topicality.

Shanghai Institute of Arts is a pioneer in terms of preserving ‘Shanghai traditional crafts of making cheongsam’. Its cheongsam collection is one of the most comprehensive collections of Chinese traditional clothing. This collection provide an opportunity to look into over 100 years of body image, social history, fashion and design of cheongsam, especially in Shanghai.

The online web archive will enable public users not only to search for images, but also to make comments, upload images and interact with others. A series of live events will be launched to encourage public participation.

Responsible Authority

The project is managed by a full-time Project Manager following PRINCE2 project management methodology. Working with a Project Board, the PM will responsible for the daily management of the Project. The members of this Project Board will include Project Officers, the PM, and the Project Director. Decision-making relating to the project will be made within the Project Board. The PM will be responsible to the Project Director, and cross-manage Project Officers. (See Human Resource Plan)


Project Goals and Objectives

CCW seeks to meet four main objectives:

− To create an online searchable image archive of over 800 cheongsam taken from the collection;
− To include new and enriched descriptive metadata for these images;
− To raise public awareness and invite the public to add memories, photos and comments on an Internet forum thereby developing additional resources for future research and study potential;
− To set up partnership working practices among Shanghai Institute of Arts, Shanghai Arts Gallery, Shanghai History Museum, Shanghai City Archives, Shanghai Intangible Culture Heritage Centre and Shanghai Association of Collectors.


Project Scope

The scope of CCW is limited to feminine fashion and cheongsam history in recognition of ‘body image’ theme. The politics and history of Shanghai will be included to enhance the understanding of cultural context. A very limited number of male clothing may be included where it acts to enhance researchers’ comparative understanding of female fashion.

The project recognizes that the Internet forum which will be develop around the website will not be limited in Shanghai area. However, our advocacy events and pubic engagement will be based only in Shanghai.


Project Outputs

The main deliverables will be:

− A collection of around 800...

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