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Project Part 2 Task 1 Essay

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Project Part 2 Task 1: Secure File Storage Server

There is a requirement to read customer confidential data located in the local area network (LAN) of First World Bank Savings and Loan. The organization needs to deliver highly confidential customer data in Portable Document Format (PDF) format for its online customers. This data is typically uploaded to a Linux file server by the bank employees within the LAN. However, online customers need to have access to their particular data. At the same time, the customers should not be able to modify the data.

You need to:
Design a file storage server architecture for the proposed Web-based infrastructure to support customers.
Describe specifically how data can be shared with the Web server in a secure fashion.

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This is accomplished by the design of the file server.

The first thing is to have an Anti-Virus for Linux File Server that runs congruently with solutions and services on various network/s while providing protection while working with Samba server integration and other features that protect individual workstations. It provides multi-layered protection for the file servers in Linux, while functioning simultaneously at the file system level and on the level of the data transfer protocol, the main anti-virus module protects the server file system in real-time. This will allow/restrict users to view their data, but not manipulate it, via a dashboard in the web management console.

The second thing is the access to the various files inside the file system. This is accomplished via Network File System (NFS), which is access using Secure Socket Layer (SSL). NFS enables you to mount a file system on a remote computer as if it were local to your own system & you can then directly access any of the files on that remote file system. The server and client do not have to use the same operating system, but the client system just needs to be running an NFS client compatible with the NFS server. The NFS server exports one or more directories to the client systems, and the client systems mount one or more of the shared directories to local directories called mount points. After the share is mounted, all I/O operations are written back to the server, and all clients notice the change as if it occurred on the local filesystem.

It is recommended to use the network sharing service (NFS). When using Network File Sharing to access the customers’ confidential data stored on the Local Area Network (LAN), it should only be accessed outside of the LAN using SSL. The encryption that is part of SSL will ensure the data is kept in-line with the C-I-A Triad (Confidentiality, Integrity, & Availability).

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