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Project On Bevarage Company ( A Pre Feasibility Study)

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Project Background & History

1.1 Project Background:
The main idea of our project is to establish a beverage company named Refresh Beverage Company concerning the market conditions and consumer preferences overtime and considering various policies or regulations needed to maintain for the project.

The major project parameters that will be served us as the guiding principles are listed below:

⇨ Our project will be domestic market oriented.

⇨ Geographical levels will be- national, areal, and local.

⇨ Will be the first business of two kinds of products.

⇨ Business will be located a major cities as well as other cities.

⇨ Product variety will include a ...view middle of the document...

3 Project History:
The essential events of historical development of the projects include-
← Project idea generation on 20 February 2011.
← Conforming members based on financial possibilities on 23rd February.
← The possible studies and investigation for the feasibility test was held between 25th February to 31 March.
The potential studies and investigations that we have already performed include the followings:

i. Pre-investment studies:
• Opportunity Studies (for identification of investment opportunities)
• Pre-feasibility studies (for preliminary project selection)
• Feasibility studies (for project formulation)
• Partial studies

ii. Preparatory investigations:
• Land surveys – For choosing appropriate land.
• Quantity surveys- Quantification of building materials.
• Quality tests- laboratory tests
• Other investigations and tests
1.4 Feasibility studies: For the formulation of project we have conducted the following feasibility studies-
• Market studies
- Industry surveys: To cover production and development plan of industries we surveyed the industry and the respondents of our questionnaire was development agencies and organizations, industrial establishment, development financial institutions and investors.
- Consumer surveys: This survey has been made taking a random sample of respondents.
• Raw material and input studies
• Laboratory and pilot tests
• Location studies
• Economies of scale studies
• Equipment selection studies
Based on these studies and analysis the decisions taken by us are given on annex part.

1.5 Cost of preparatory studies and related investigations: The estimation of total investment cost for pre-investment studies and preparatory investigations are of total BDT 15,700 (annex-schedule 1-1)
Chapter: 2

Market and plant Capacity

Before the formulation of our project, we have determined the size and composition of the present effective market demand by segment, in order to estimate the possible degree of market penetration by our product. We have also project the income from sales taking in to account the technology, plant capacity production programmed, marketing strategy product pricing promotional measures, distribution systems and costs. A detailed production programmed has been made showing the various production activities and their timing. At final we have determined the plant capacity taking in to account the alternative levels of production, investment out lay and sales revenues.

2.1 Demand and market Study:

The necessary data we need for demand and market study are-
✓ Age: Child, young, Old

✓ Income line: Low, Middle, Rich

✓ Sex: Female, Male

✓ Location: Dhaka

Determination of future Demand for determining the future demand. We will survey more in market in future and extend product line in future by...

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