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Project Motorcycles Essay

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The project management organization I would use for this instance is pure project management organization. This helps to separate this project from the home company. It will be an independent segment. It will have its own technical staff and administration, which would be linked to the home company's administration. However, these links will not be strong, and it will enjoy some autonomy. This segment will be able to prepare its own reports on how the project is advancing, make minor purchases, and deliveries without consulting the home company. This will be in order to quicken the development of the motorcycles. The project manager is the head of this segment he will bear full ...view middle of the document...

Assumptions on information that is currently missing, but will be available as the project progresses should be included in the Project Scope as well. For instance, improvements in the motorcycle performance as changes are made to its engine or motor design could negatively affect comfort for the rider. Scope should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. Project Scope is a component of the Project Management Plan (Project Management Insitute, Inc.).
Though the project manager’s previous experience is apt to have been confined to a single functional area of business, he must be able to function on the project as a kind of general manager in miniature. He must not only keep track of what is happening but also play the crucial role of advocate for the project. Even for a seasoned manager, this task is not likely to be easy. Hence, it is important to assign an individual whose administrative abilities and skills in personal relations have been convincingly demonstrated under fire (Kerzner). In Project Motorcycles, the project manager’s role will be similar to the one of a general manager. The individual leading Project Motorcycles will be responsible for the end result, which will determine success or failure of the project. The project manager will be responsible interface management, resource management, planning and control management, and closing of the program or project. Even though the project manager is not responsible for all the tasks in a project plan, he/she will be responsible for the end result. While the failure of the project reflects poorly on entire project team, it is more detrimental on the project manager’s overall success, but can be worse for the manufacturer.

Outline the process steps that your company would take in order to develop the motorcycle. Provide a rationale for the response.
1. Team Assembly
The team tasked with assembling the motorcycles has already been assembled. This team could be selected from within the home company, or in this case of the skilled labour, experts from outside could be included. The team should have representatives from the clients, vendors, subcontractors, and suppliers to give their opinions and views on the development of the motorcycles (Archbold).
2. Definition of Project Objective
Once the team is together, it should come up with a clear purpose and objectives to carry out the project. A phase-exit review should also be conducted to determine whether the project should continue to the next phase (Archbold).
3. Definition of Project Scope
The team should develop an appropriate Work Breakdown Structure. This will ensure that all the stakeholders in the project understand what's expected to be done throughout the span of the project (Kerzner, 2013, p.529). Ensuring the project's divided into small manageable sub-projects will assist with an easier completion of the project.
4. Initial Plan
The tasks in the Work Breakdown Structure should be...

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