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Project Motorcycle Essay

2029 words - 9 pages

Project Motorcycles
Eddie E. Chance
Strayer University
Professor Mitchell
BUS 375 – Project Management
31 October 2014

Project Motorcycles
The project team will be a matrix in that team members from each organization continue to report to their organizational management throughout the duration of the project. The project manager is responsible for communicating with organizational managers on the progress and performance of each project resource.
Project Scope
The scope of the new touring motorcycles project includes the planning, design, development, testing, and transition of the larger motors. This new motorcycles will meet or exceed all organizational standards and ...view middle of the document...

Milestone | Description | Date |
Complete Requirement Gathering | All requirements must be determine to base design upon | 01/03/2015 |
Complete Motor Design | This is the design for the motor and its functionality | 01/04/2016 |
Complete Motor Testing | All functionality tested and all identified errors corrected | 01/10/2017 |
Complete Transition to Production | Completed software and documentation transition to operations group to begin production | 06/10/2018 |

Work Breakdown Structure
The Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) for the Motorcycle Project is comprise of work packages which not to exceed 50 hours of work but are at least 20 hours of work. Work packages were developed through close collaborations among team members and stakeholders with input from functional managers and research past projects. The Motorcycle Project schedule was derived from the WBS and Project Charter with input from all project team members. The schedule was completed, reviewed by the Project Sponsor, and approved and base-lined. The schedule will be maintained as a MS Project Chart by the project manager. Any proposed changes to the schedule will follow the TSI’s change control process. If established boundaries controls may be exceeded, a change request will be submitted to the project manager. The Project Manager and team will determine the impact of the change on the schedule, cost, resources, scope, and risks. If it is determined that the impacts will exceed the boundary conditions then the change will be forwarded to the Project Sponsor for review and approval. If the change is approved by the Project Sponsor then it will be implemented by the project manager who will update the schedule and all documentation and communicate the change to all stakeholders in accordance with the Change Control Process.
Change Management Plan
The following steps comprise organization change control process for all projects and will be utilized on the Motorcycle Project:
Step #1: identify the need for a change (All Stakeholders)
Request will be submit a completed TSI change request form to the project manager

Step #2: Log change in change request register
The project manager will maintain a log of all change requests for the duration of the project

Step #3: Conduct an evaluation of the change
The project manager will conduct an evaluation of the impact of the change to cost, risk, and schedule

Any team member or stakeholder may submit a change request for the Motorcycle Project. The project sponsor will chair any changes to project scope, cost, or schedule must meet his approval. All change requests will be logged in the change control registered by the project manager and tracked through to completion whether approved or not.
Communication and Management Plan
This Communication Management Plan sets the communications framework for this project. It will serve as a guide for communication...

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