Project Managment Essay

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Task ID WBS ID Task Name Work Est (days) Leveling Delay Predecessors Resource Name
1 1 Overall Project 0 edays
2 1.1 Project Management 0 edays
3 1.1.1 Manage Project 127 0 edays Chris Johnson (Project Manager)
4 1.2 System Requirements 0 edays
5 1.2.1 Gather Business Requirements 8 0 edays Ryan Neff (Functional Lead),Stacy Lyle (Functional Analyst)
6 1.2.2 Design Business Process Flows 4 0 edays 5 Ryan Neff (Functional Lead),Stacy Lyle (Functional Analyst)
7 1.2.3 Finalize Technical Requirements 6 0 edays Rick Burke (Infrastructure Lead)
8 1.2.4 Create Operational Requirements 15 0 edays 5,6 Ryan Neff (Functional Lead),Stacy Lyle (Functional Analyst),Rick Burke ...view middle of the document...

5 0 edays Developer 1 (TBD),Ryan Neff (Functional Lead)[50%]
24 1.4.3 Design Updating and Calculating Shopping Cart 6 0 edays 23 Developer 1 (TBD),Ryan Neff (Functional Lead)
25 1.4.4 Design Taking Payments Pages & Components 6 11 edays Marc Sanders (Development Lead),Stacy Lyle (Functional Analyst)
26 1.4.5 Design Submit Order Pages & Components 16 0 edays 22,23,24,25 Marc Sanders (Development Lead),Ryan Neff (Functional Lead)
27 1.4.6 Design Check Order History & Order Status Pages & Components 4 0 edays 26 Marc Sanders (Development Lead),Ryan Neff (Functional Lead)
28 1.4.7 Design Logical & Physical Data Model 18 0 edays Sanjay Vohra (DBA),Stacy Lyle (Functional Analyst)
29 1.4.8 Design ERP Interface 20 0 edays 22,23,24,25 Developer 1 (TBD),Stacy Lyle (Functional Analyst)
30 1.5 Test Planning 0 edays
31 1.5.1 Gather Testing Requirements 14 23 edays 11 Kara Siposki (Test Lead),Todd Eliason (Tester)
32 1.5.2 Creat System Test Plan & Test Cases 20 0 edays 31,21 Kara Siposki (Test Lead),Todd Eliason (Tester)
33 1.5.3 Write System Test Scriipts 22 0 edays 32 Kara Siposki (Test Lead),Todd Eliason (Tester)
34 1.6 Technical Infrastructure 0 edays
35 1.6.1 Create Development Environment 20 0 edays 9 Rick Burke (Infrastructure Lead)
36 1.6.2 Create Testing Environment 34.2 0 edays 35 Rick Burke (Infrastructure Lead)[90%]
37 1.6.3 Support Development Environment 3.8 0 edays 35 Rick Burke (Infrastructure Lead)[10%]
38 1.6.4 Support Testing Environment & Deployment 46 0 edays 36 Rick Burke (Infrastructure Lead)
39 1.6.5 Support Database 4.6 0 edays 47 Sanjay Vohra (DBA)[10%]
40 1.7 Development & Unit Test 0 edays 35
41 1.7.1 Build Capture Customer Profile Pages & Components 13 0 edays 22 Developer 2 (TBD)
42 1.7.2 Build View and Search Product Catalog Pages & Components 12 0 edays 23 Developer 3 (TBD)
43 1.7.3 Build Updating and Calculating Shopping Cart 7 0 edays 24,42 Developer 3 (TBD)
44 1.7.4 Build Taking Payments Pages & Components 6 14 edays 25 Developer 2 (TBD)
45 1.7.5 Build...

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