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Project Manager Essay

1802 words - 8 pages

1)      Abate- subside or moderate
2)      Aberrant- abnormal
3)      Abeyance- suspended action.
4)      Abscond- depart secretly and hide.
5)      Abstemious- sparing in eating and drinking.
6)      Admonish- warn, reprove.
7)      Adulterate- make impure by adding inferior or tainted substances.
8)      Aesthetic- artistic, dealing with or capable of appreciating the beautiful.
9)      Aggregate- gather, accumulate.
10)  Alacrity- cheerful promptness, eagerness.
11)  Alleviate- relieve.
12)  Amalgamate- combine, unite in one body.
13)  Ambiguous- unclear or doubtful in meaning.
14)  Ambivalence- the state of having ...view middle of the document...

7) Burgeon- grow forth, sent out buds.
8) Burnish- makes shinning by rubbing, polish.
9) Buttress- support, prop up.
1)       Cacophonous- discordant, inharmonious.
2)       Capricious- unpredictable, fickle.
3)       Castigation- punishment, severe criticism.
4)       Catalyst- agent that influences the pace of chemical reaction while it remains unaffected and unchanged, person or thing that causes action.
5)       Caustic- burning, sarcastically biting.
6)       Chicanery- trickery, deception.
7)       Coagulate- thicken, clot, congeal.
8)       Coda- concluding section of a musical or literary composition, something that rounds out, summarizes, or concludes.
9)       Cogent- convincing.
10)   Commensurate- corresponding in extent, degree, amount etc. proportionate.
11)   Compendium- brief, comprehensive summary.
12)   Complaisant- trying to please, overly polite, obliging.
13)   Compliant- yielding, conforming to requirements.
14)   Conciliatory- reconciling, soothing.
15)   Condone- overlook, forgive, give tacit approval, excuse.
16)   Confound- confuse, puzzle.
17)   Connoisseur- person competent to act as judge.
18)   Contention- claim, thesis.
19)   Contentious- quarrelsome.
20)   Contrite- penitent.
21)   Conundrum- riddle, difficult problem.
22)   Converge- approach, tend to meet, come together.
23)   Convoluted- coiled around, involved, intricate.
24)   Craven- cowardly.
1)       Daunt- intimidate, frighten.
2)       Decorum- propriety, orderliness and good taste in manners.
3)       Default- failure to act.
4)       Deference- courteous regard for another’s wish.
5)       Delineate- portray, depict, sketch.
6)       Denigrate- blacken.
7)       Deride- ridicule, make fun of.
8)       Derivative- unoriginal, obtained from another source.
9)       Desiccate- dry up.
10)   Desultory- aimless, haphazard.
11)   Deterrent- something that discourages hindrance.
12)   Diatribe- bitter scolding, invective.
13)   Dichotomy- split, branching into parts.
14)   Diffidence-shyness.
15)   Diffuse- wordy, rambling, spread out.
16)   Digression- wandering away from the subject.
17)   Dirge- lament with music.
18)   Disabuse- correct a false impression, undeceive.
19)   Discerning- mentally quick and observant, having insight.
20)   Discordant- not harmonious, conflicting.
21)   Discredit- defames, destroy confidence in, disbelieve. 
22)   Discrepancy- lack of consistency, difference.
23)   Discrete- separate, unconnected, consisted of distinct parts.
24)   Disingenuous- lacking genuine candor, insincere.
25)   Disinterested- unprejudiced.
26)   Disjointed- lacking coherence, separated at the joints.
27)   Dismiss- eliminate from consideration, reject.
28)   Disparage- belittle.
29)   Disparate- basically different, unrelated.
30)   Dissemble- disguise, pretend.
31)   Disseminate- distribute, spread, scatter.
32)   Dissolution- disintegration, looseness in morals.

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