Project Management Review

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function manager
knowledge management: lesson learned sumber pembentukan knolwledge dalam suatu learning organization.

project origin
· how to develop project from initial vaue ideas into something more concrete
· Criteria for project adoption: a peak in business activities with defined beginning and end points requiring a multi-disciplinary team o carry out
· Recognizing, initializing and developing a project idea are very essential skills for PM
· Project idea is grounded in needs of your business, organization's strength, become solution to your business challenge
Creativity Factor
· It takes creativity to turn initial idea into something coherent
· Use appropriate tools to turn a bright idea into well defined outline of your project
· visual planning: mind map diagram represent ideas and tasks, use it in brainstorming itial ...view middle of the document...

· SOC also servs as : infomation: inform your colleagues of what is comingup; approval; give expenditure information of the project; reassurance
· SOC Consists of: outline of the scope or scale of the project, the benefits it will bring to business, benrfits to custmer and end user, any other options considered for delivering these benefits, budget and other physical resources required, main risks the projec will face,
Selling the benefits
· The project must provide: discover stakeholder motivations: priority, key issues on customers, organization's strategic objectives; the rationale of the project: asking why and waht to cust and org; dig deeper: be persistance to show benefit of the project will make difference; the risk of not carrying out the project
Build the support : diapprove blum tentu di support
· A PM must understand stakeholders' concern and offer acceptable solutions (team jga stakeholder)
· Force Field Analysis: divide factors affecting projects into opposing forces -> petakan mana lebih besar yg support atw yg oppose; weight each force and determine which is stronger overall
· try to understand first before being understood: understand the concern of those opposing the project, find root cause, listen
· think win/win scenario: address stake' concerns while keeping the project moving forward
The PM's vital dozens:
· Understand the context of pproject management
· recognize project team conflict as progress
· understand who the stakeholders are and what they want
· accept the political nature of organizations and use it to your advantage: political naive, political sharks, political sensible (plg bagus)
· lead from the front
· understand what success means
· build and maintain a cohesive team
· enthusiasm and despair are both infectious
· one look forward worth two looks back: never become comfortable with the status of the project, ask what if
· stay focus
· use time efficiently
· plan your project: don't overplan (wacana never excute); fail to plan means planning to fail

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