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Project Management Procedures Essay

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project management



Table of Contents 2

Purpose 3

Scope 3

Overview 3

Procedure 4
1. The Proposal 4
2. Initiating the Project 5
3. Implementing the Project 6
4. Finalising the Project 7
5. Roles and Responsibilities 8
6. Definitions 8

Appendix – Tools for Project Planning 9
Tool 1. PERT Analysis for the calculation of time estimates. 9
Tool 2 . Risk Management 10
Tool 3 . Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 13


This procedure outlines the processes and phases that apply to the delivery of a project.
This procedure outlines processes and tools which may be applied to projects, ...view middle of the document...

The Proposal |
| |Project Initiating Request (Brief) |
| |The project begins here. The request defines the initial scale and scope of the project |
| |from the client perspective. The level of detail will vary from project to project. |
| |Depending on the nature of the project, the client may require either a concept proposal |
| |with budget costings or a more detailed design with firm costings. |
| |The Project Manager must determine the required outcomes through a process of negotiation |
| |with the client. |
| |Prepare Draft Project Plan or Proposal |
| |As a result of the negotiations with the client, develop the client’s brief into a concept |
| |(or a design) that lists the work to be performed and the anticipated outcomes. |
| |Propose a budget based on the concept. As described above, the supplied costings may be |
| |budgetary or firm depending on the client’s specific requirements for this stage of the |
| |project. |
| |The Project Brief/Plan form (used as either a brief or a plan) may be used for the |
| |submission to the client. |
| |Gain Approval to Proceed |
| |Submit the proposal with the Project Brief/Plan for management approval (sign off). |
| | |
| |The Project Brief / Plan Form has provision for a client sign-off. |

| |
|2. Initiating the Project ...

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