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Project Management Procedure Essay

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project management
december 2008

Table of Contents
Table of Contents 2
Purpose 3
Scope 3
Overview 3
Procedure 4
1. The Proposal 4
2. Initiating the Project 5
3. Implementing the Project 6
4. Finalising the Project 7
5. Roles and Responsibilities 8
6. Definitions 8
Appendix – Tools for Project Planning 9
Tool 1. PERT Analysis for the calculation of time estimates. 9
Tool 2 . Risk Management 10
Tool 3 . Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) 13

This procedure outlines the processes and phases that apply to the delivery of a project.
This procedure outlines processes and tools which may be applied to ...view middle of the document...

The level of detail will vary from project to project.Depending on the nature of the project, the client may require either a concept proposal with budget costings or a more detailed design with firm costings.The Project Manager must determine the required outcomes through a process of negotiation with the client. |
| Prepare Draft Project Plan or ProposalAs a result of the negotiations with the client, develop the client’s brief into a concept (or a design) that lists the work to be performed and the anticipated outcomes. Propose a budget based on the concept. As described above, the supplied costings may be budgetary or firm depending on the client’s specific requirements for this stage of the project.The Project Brief/Plan form (used as either a brief or a plan) may be used for the submission to the client. |
| Gain Approval to ProceedSubmit the proposal with the Project Brief/Plan for management approval (sign off).The Project Brief / Plan Form has provision for a client sign-off. |

2. Initiating the Project |
| Register and Formalise Project. Commence tracking statusOnce approved, the project must be given a Project Number.Make initial entries in Project Status Record. |
| Analyse Requirements and Investigate OptionsAnalyse the concept proposal. Investigate alternatives in terms of implementing project. As appropriate, gain expressions of interest, quotations etc from potential suppliers/contractors.Agree on a preferred option for development. |
| Prepare Project PlanPrepare a Project Plan for the project detailing: * A detailed description of the project scope and deliverables. * A Work Breakdown Structure defining the tasks (including development tasks) that comprise each project deliverable. * An implementation timeline with designated milestones. * A schedule of costs against time for the project. * An analysis of risks applying to the project. * How the delivered project will be evaluated and tested for final acceptance. * Details of the stakeholders, suppliers and the project implementation team (names, positions, involvement).. * Identity of the manager responsible for governance: (Project Brief / Scope Change / Finalisation) of the project. |
| Prepare CostingsPrepare and establish a budget for the project and, if appropriate, invite quotations/tenders from suitable suppliers. |

3. Implementing the Project |
| Review Project PlanConfirm that the scope / time / budget is appropriate with the project sponsor. The Project Plan must contain all the information required to implement the project. |
| Call for Tenders / Quotations for External ResourcesThe methods of securing resources will vary with the project. |
| Accept Tender /Quotation and Issue Contract or AgreementThe process will vary with the project. |
| Manage the Implementation ProcessIrrespective of the size and scope of a specific project, it must be managed in a professional manner, following the processes...

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