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|Calamvale Subdivision |
|Project Management Plan- First Issue |
| |

Project Details
|Project Name |Calamvale Subdivision |
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The nine project management areas; integration management, scope management, time management, cost management, quality management, risk management, human resources management, communications management and procurement management will be discussed in this plan document.


With the increasing populations, increasing house prices (Figure 1) and increasing demand rate for properties (Figure 2) the client will have no issues finding tenants for the house.

The current median house price in Calamvale is $646,000 (, 2013) and this increase in the price will ensure the client gets a maximum investment return after the completion of the construction


Some of the barriers of the project are issues and constraints. Some of the issues include- loud noises, dust, local traffic and residents. Constraints include- the noise constraints set by Brisbane City Council (Brisbane City Council, 2012) and the construction of Road 2 must be finished before the commencement of the demolition, subdivision and installation of services, as this road will be needed for access to the back of the property.

Scheduled Duration

By taking the Work Breakdown Structure, it can be seen that the duration of the project is estimated to be 4 months.

Planned Budget

The planned budget estimate from the Work Breakdown Structure, the current market rates, 10% contingency and considering the uncertainties in the risk register the budget for this project is estimated to be $90,030.


Building a duplex on this street wouldn’t be viable as this area and street does not have any duplexes. The recommendation would be to:

Subdivide the lot into 3 and build separate houses on each of these lots

Or subdivide the lot and sell the land.

Table of Contents

Project Details 2
Document Management 2
Distribution List 2
Version Control 2
Executive Summary 3
Purpose 3
Benefits 3
Barriers 3
Scheduled Duration 3
Planned Budget 3
Recommendations 3
Project Introduction 5
1. *Integration Management 6
1.1. *Project Governance Board 7
1.2. *Integration Management Process 7
1.3. Integrated Change Control 7
1.3.1. Change Request 8
1.3.2. Change Request Process 8
1.3.3. Variation Request 8
1.3.4. Variation Request Process 8
1.4. Performance Criteria 8
1.4.1. Performance Reporting 8
1.5. Project Management Audits 8
1.5.1. Audit Plan 8
1.6. Records Management 8
2. Scope Management 9
2.1. Scope Management Process 9
2.2. Project Objectives (Smart Goals) 9
2.3. Inclusions 9
2.4. Exclusions 9
2.5. Constraints 9
2.6. Assumptions 9
2.7. Handover 9
3. Time Management 10
3.1. Time Management Process 10
3.2. Project...

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