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Project Management Paper

1067 words - 5 pages

Project Management Paper
MGT 437
October 24, 2011
Michael Koma

Project Management Paper
Before anyone can understand what it is to manage a project, he or she must first understand what a project is and how it goes through its lifecycle. This paper will help the reader understand not only what a project is, but also how each phase of the lifecycle comes into play. It will conclude by explaining to the reader why it is important for organizations to use project management to accomplish tasks.
What is a project? A project can be simply explained as a set of tasks that need to be accomplished for a particular goal. A little more complicated explanation is that a project ...view middle of the document...

The project manager will also need to gather information such as what type of resources are available and the time frame that the project must be accomplished in. The initiation phase is also where the project manager will want to take the opportunity to evaluate his or her resources, so that he or she knows where they can be used during the planning phase. While the planning phase is where the manager documents the plan, the initiation phase is where they put the ideas together before going forward.
The second phase, planning, could be considered the most important phase in the lifecycle. In this phase the development of a project management plan, communication plan, and risk management plan must occur. The project manager will need to gather the information necessary to complete these plans during the initiation phase, and draft plans strong enough to support the project moving forward. Without a strong plan, the initiation phase was a waste of the company’s money and the execution and closing phases will not work. Many disasters can be avoided by having a good plan in place, and this is the phase where those plans come together. The communication plan is something that the project manager needs to ensure enough time is devoted to. During the execution phase, the communication plan will help to dictate when and how different people will be communicated with. For example, what reports will be produced to communicate with the project stakeholders? During the next phase, the project manager will see his or her plan come to life.
The execution phase brings the project manager to the point in the project lifecycle where he or she must monitor the day-to-day actions of the project. The project manager should be monitoring the work that is occurring, while ensuring that the execution of the plan is taking place in the way that it was intended. He or she should also be communicating and directing the team members, while keeping the project stakeholders informed of what is happening. This is where all of the plans created during the planning phase get to be played out. If the planning phase was a successful one,...

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