Project Management Information Systems Essay

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Project Management Information System (PROMIS)
Today's projects need to deal with increasing amounts of information that require better tools to
help navigate through all the data produced by projects. Our services include the development of
customized project management information systems that can help track project progress as well
track the projects log frame indicators.
In partnership with experts in the development of information technology systems, we help your
organization or your project develop the functional and technical requirements that can support the
processes and methodologies developed for your organization.
Solutions range from web based to network (server/client) based solutions that allow the entire
project team to interact with the system and reduce the time to process information. We work with
your team to develop the system architecture that reflects the best practices for managing ...view middle of the document...

• Allows information transparency and accountability for results
• Supports strategic planning and better alignment of resources
Monitor Project Indicators and Performance
Monitoring all aspect of a project is a key element to ensure the project is on track, our approach to
monitoring systems include:
• Monitor data from process and activity indicators to track calendar progress by each one
of the project interventions.
• Monitor data from budget expenditure to track high level budget expenses and monitor
the progress of activities and results with the associated cost with them.
• Use of executive dashboard for decision making and to facilitate the quick detection of
problem indicators with the ability for “drill-down” to analyze in more detail the data.
• A graphical dashboard with the use of charts and graphs to quickly help identify program
progress by program goal, the visualization of data helps manage the decision making
process without the need to analyze lengthy data reports and spreadsheets.
Organization’s Projects, Programs and Portfolio
Our solutions allow development organizations to have a better control and management of the
project information, which enables better decision making:
• Use a portfolio management approach to monitor multiple projects. Managers obtain a
clear overview of multiple projects or programs, can drill down for details and report on
• Improve the allocation of project resources by monitoring inputs, managing team roles,
administering contracts and donations, allocating resources, tracking human resource
information and providing the organization management with access to project
• Monitor project results with results-based management features. Based on organizational
level goals and indicators, managers can monitor progress relating to portfolios, programs
and projects.
• Manage project budgets, schedules and scope across all projects, programs and portfolios.
• Consolidate all project information by aggregating project data from multiple sources to
develop complete project progress reports to donors and key stakeholders.

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