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Project Management Competencies In The Project Oriented Organization

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Project Management Competencies in the Project Oriented Organization In the project-based organization, project management (pm) competences are not only required by individuals, but also by project teams and by organizations. As project management has to be considered as a core competence of the project-based organization (called in this document the project-oriented organization, POO), this competence has to be explicitly developed by the organization. Source: People in Project Management Copyright: Roland Gareis and Martina Huemann

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The pm competences of individuals, project teams and organizations can be described, measured and further developed. As project management has to be considered as a core competence of the project-based organization (called in this chapter the project-oriented organization, POO), this competence has to be explicitly developed by the organization.

A POO is one which:

defines management by projects as an organizational strategy adopts temporary organizations for the performance of complex processes manages a project portfolio of different project types has specific permanent organizations to provide integrative functions applies a ‘new management paradigm’ has an explicit project management culture perceives itself to be project-oriented.

The POO considers projects not only as tools to perform complex processes, but as strategic options for organizational design (Figure 3.1). Management by projects is the organizational strategy of companies dealing with an increasingly



Strategy: Management by projects

Project-oriented organization

Structure: Temporary and permanent organizations

Culture: Project management and new management paradigm

Figure 3.1 Strategy, structure and culture of the project-oriented organization

complex business environment. By applying management by projects the following organizational objectives are pursued: organizational differentiation and decentralization of management responsibility G quality assurance by project team work and holistic project definitions G goal orientation and personnel development G organization of organizational learning by projects.

POOs perceive projects and programmes as temporary organizations for the performance of complex processes, such as contracts for external clients, as well as product development, marketing campaigns or re-engineering activities for internal clients. The more projects of different types a company holds in its project portfolio, the more differentiated it becomes and the higher becomes its management complexity. To support the successful delivery of individual projects, and to ensure the compliance of the objectives of the different projects with company strategy, the POO must adopt specific integrative structures such as a strategic centre, expert pools, a pm centre of competence and a project portfolio steering committee. Some of these permanent organizations might be virtual. The POO is characterized by the existence of an explicit pm culture, such as a set of pm-related values, norms and procedures. Further, in order to manage a



POO successfully, the application of a new management paradigm is required. Traditional management approaches emphasize detailed planning methods, focusing on the assignment of clearly defined work packages to...

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