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Chapter 6 Assignment
2. According to the book, the best option for someone just starting a project for the first time and if it’s small would be the activity-on-the-arrow diagramming, because each element is represented with a different symbol. I, personally, think that the activity-in-the-box approach is all so usable because the words are boxed off, so you are not going to get things mixed up that easily, unless you are stupid, just saying.
3. Alright, this was a little difficult. I will attempt to explain my findings. I figured the following:
* Earliest start time: 19 days
* Earliest finish time: 18 days (how this happened, I don’t know)
* Latest start time: 47 days
* Latest finish time: 47 days
I found the latest ones by adding the activities one by one, assuming that would take the longest, in order, of course. Like a to b, b to ...view middle of the document...

1 day later, D moves to G and H (E 2, I 5)
5. 2 days later, E moves to H (I 3, G 3, H 4)
6. 3 days later, I goes to finish, G moves to J (H 1)
7. 1 day later, H moves to J (J 3)
8. 3 days later J goes to finish
So added up it equals 18 days.

From finish to start:
1. After 4 days, J moves to G and H
2. 2 days later, I moves to F (G 3, H 4)
3. 3 days later, G moves to D (H1, F1)
4. 1 day later, H moves to D, E & F moves to B, C
5. 4 days later, F moves to C, B & D moves to A (E 2)
6. 2 days later, E moves to A (C 1, B 2, A 3)
7. 1 day later, C moves to A (B 1, A 2)
8. 1 day later, B goes to start (A 1)
9. 1 day later, A goes to start

Added up this equals 19 days.

7. Task F does not overlap C and D because they are its predecessors and that would be impossible. Task F overlaps task E because task E takes 14.33 days to complete and task F’s predecessors finish before task E finishes, so F starts before E finishes.
* If task C and D were the same length, the time to complete the project would either take longer or stay the same depending on which task length you picked to change. If they were both changed to 12.33 days, the time would be increased because task G can’t start until task D is finished and task H cannot start until task G is finished.
* If task C and D were both changed to the duration of 6 days each then the times would stay the same, because it would only be task C changed and the only thing that would be shortened by that is the starting time of task F and task F is not a predecessor of any other task.

Case Study: Springville
1. I would use the Gantt chart because I am the most acquainted with it at this point and because it includes all of the criteria that everyone wants. It is easy to use, shows the duration of tasks, shows milestones, everyone can see the flow of work, they can see the sequence of events, they can depict which tasks can be undertaken at the same time, and they can tell how far tasks are from completion.

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