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Project Management Essay

2407 words - 10 pages






project ?

 Unique A

start  An end  Deliverables  Resources  Environment


Let’s drill down…






Key parameters




- Skilled individuals, with an approved & supported mission. - Usage of a structured & shared methods

- Usage of iterative processes to deliver expected deliverables


        

Fuzzy goals No shared understanding of the situation No support Irealistic state of mind (politics…) top-down without bottom up Lack of resource management Multiple changes in the direction Lack of ...view middle of the document...

.. How to facilitate the scheduling, communication follow up... align team members... clarify expectations on the project approach Share & impose a methodology & ommon tools Define QQOQC


Project plan Checklist
 developpment
  

 Planning

How will the project plan be built ? Do we have scheduled meetings ? When ? Where ? What are the meeting iterations ? Do we have a project/business glossary available ? What tools can we use to manage the project ? software ? Anything else needed ? Who owns the follow up of the projet ? Who needs training to use the project tools Can we benefit from support in case of trouble with the tools ?

 tools

  


Project plan Checklist
 Ressources

 

Who must help the project manager to elaborate & maintain the project planing ? Who does what what in the team ? How do we secure a a safe communication ? What are the stakeholders expectations ? What are the deliverables ? Level of details ? format ? Who must be informed that deliverables are available ? How do we monitor the delivery of deliverables ? Who controls & approves them ?

 Deliverables
     


Project plan Checklist
 Decisions  Follow

follow up


 Who

evaluates progress ?  What is the level of granularity in the project follow up ?  How do we retrieve progress information ?  Periodicity of progress reporting ?  Who & how do we evaluate the variances ?


Project plan Checklist
 Decisions
 Who

follow up

 reporting

produces reports ? Who gets them ?  What content for who ?  Frequency & format  Criteria to generate an exception report – who needs it ?  Meetings  Where, with who, why, content, minutes…


Project plan Checklist
 roles

and responsabilities  Who do we need to work with ?  communication between project team members  communication outside the project team  Frequency of the communication  .../...


Project plan Checklist
 How

to take key decisions ?  Methods to solve conflicts  When to escalate ? Who to esclate  Final authority  .../...


Project plan Checklist
 Decision

making process

Change management  Who defines rules for the management of change ?  Who & when do we freeze the baseline ?  How to log change requests ?  How to communicate about change requests ?  How to follow up change implementation performances ?  .../...


Project plan Checklist
 Project
 Do


we need project reviews ?  Who comes ? What do we talk about ?  How to document & share the experience ?


Project plan Checklist

Confirm items from the checklist

 Once

the checklist is built, the core team meets to answer the questions

 Get



Project plan Checklist

Document & distribute

 Write

down the checklist, becomes the formal project recipe book

 Communication  Revision

to all impacted...

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