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Project Leadership Role Of Trihealth Case Study 2

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Case Study 2: Project Leadership Roles at TriHealth

Yuvonne Edwards

Professor Brett Gordon

Human Resource Project Management – HRM517

November 4, 2012

Identify the common roles in a human resource project. Then, analyze these roles to typical human resource functions.

There are projects of different sizes that have different ways and requirements on how the people are organized. In small project, little organization structure is needed. There might be a primary sponsor, project manager and a project team. But, for large projects, there are more people involved, and it is important that people ...view middle of the document...

(Piscopo, M)
Depending on the complexity and scope of a project there may be very few or extremely large numbers of stakeholders. A project may be a part of a city or county public works department and may include all members of the community as stakeholders and number in the thousands. In determining what a stake holder is, it is important that we consider anyone who may fall into any of these categories. As we move on toward stakeholder identification we must analyze the project landscape and determine what individuals or groups can influence and affect the project or be affected by its performance and outcome. (Piscopo, M.)

Project Manager also plays a vital role in the initial project. The project manager is the person with the authority to manage a project. This includes leading the planning and the development of all project deliverables. The project manager is responsible for managing the budget and schedule and all project management procedures. There is also the Project Team, which consists of the full-time and part-time resources assigned to work on the deliverables of the project. There is also the Project Team, which consists of the full-time and part-time resources assigned to work on the deliverables of the project. This includes the analysts, designers, programmers, etc. organization is utilizing matrix management.

Reorganize any two (2) roles at TriHealth that result in shared responsibilities and then state why you chose those two roles.

Project Leader role is one that need to be reorganized, because the Sponsor and the Project Leader are feeling the need to discuss the Project Leaders role. The feeling is that the Project Leader may need additional assistance or skills to facilitate the project success and they are trying to figure out which of the responsibilities need to be delegated to others with expertise in that area.

For a Project Leader he/she should have effective communication skills. You have to be focused and have a lot of energy and motivation. If the Project Leader focuses on the strength and weakness he can then move forward. Reorganization of the Project Leader role, as a leader having wealth of opportunities available to develop your leadership abilities, would be one of the things that should be willing to monopolize on without hesitation. The development plans should be shape. It is important to evaluate the roles of others around you. (eCornell)

Project leaders should utilize it co-worker, clarify expectations. Some other important roles would be to start putting the direction of the plan in place, by using intelligence, leadership and communication skills. Communication is the key to any and every project to be successful. Lead the implementation of the project. It is also important that he/she prepare the high-level work plan and timeline. Being responsible for the team and progress and proactively intervenes to promote team and project success. Lead...

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