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Project Is535 Managerial Applications Of Information Technology

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Course Project

IS535 Managerial Applications of Information Technology
Keller Graduate School of Management

Executive Summary
Companies today are faced with increase challenges in a increasing competitive market place and so are relying on information and computer system to provide the edge to allow them to stay in the game of competitiveness. Max Satellite Service is not immune from these challenges. There are more competitors in this market that are offering various services such as allowing movie download on game console such as Xbox and Wii. This was unheard of about ten years ago. This project is to focus on one area of its information system to determine possible ...view middle of the document...

There is no doubt that integrity of the Max Satellite Service system is vital to the survival and the successful operation of the company.

Current Business Issues
To maintain a market presents MSS will have to increase new subscribers and retain old ones. If these can be accomplished then MSS would be on the way to be truly competitive. One issue is that as MSS increase the subscribers based by a given amount it loses almost the same amount to competitors. As such, a strategic decision was made to close a few of the company dispatch and customer service centers. This measure is to free up resources and direct them toward more on a central distribution system that allow customer service and dispatch to be telecommuters.
Wireless network is will be the driving forces behind this new approach as it will give freedom to both the company and its employees. Why wireless, well, MSS it will be the ultimate solution to subscriber TV service. If MSS can perfect this system then it may be on its way to fully role out wireless television services. Who would have taught ten years ago that wireless would be the driving forces in so many applications today?
In recent years there have being a vast increase in the wireless technology industry. Many are the result of cellular phone companies wanting to offer more feature and applications to their subscribers. These trends have made possible through research and development in several areas of information system and other digital technologies, deemed “convergence of technology”. According to Flickenger (2003), in 1997 IEEE standard Committee approved a specification detail framework called 802.11. This standard uses the 2.4GHz microwave band that required low-power. Even though 802.11 was unlicensed and used by since 1985, it was a mere one or two megabits and using Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) or Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS).
There are treats that are associated with wireless network that can cause security risks. Pfleeger (2006) in his book stated “interception of wireless traffic is always a threat, through either passive or active wiretapping.” He added that assumption is made that wireless signal are encrypted and most cases they are not.

Proposed Solution
First develop a wireless network system that will serve as the main pathway for data and voice communication. There are several solutions that should be implemented that can guide MSS in the strategic direction.

To ensure that all wireless signals are secured high-level encryption algorithms must be used so prevent wiretapping and interception. Link encryption can be used that will ensure that all, based on Pfleeger (2006), “in link encryption, data are encrypted just before the system places them on the physical communication link.

Cisco Motion
According to Cisco (2010), one such solution that will be a center piece is the using Cisco Motion, which is a wireless network solution for Enterprise...

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