Project Information And Communication Essay

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Project information and communication
A small consulting company has been contracted to project manage a large research and development project which includes contractors spread over 10 locations.
The key stakeholders to the project include the authorising agent which is a national government department, the client which is an agency acting on behalf of the department and seven main groups of consumer/ industry bodies that will have a vested interest in different parts of the final product, but all of whom want to be included in information about project progress.
1. What will be the main communications issues to be addressed?
The main communication issues to be addressed will be: ...view middle of the document...

Differing needs of the agencies
If there are differing needs of the agencies, there will be a lot of issues that will need to be managed and resolved. This will take up time and affect how information is communicated.
Size of the project
This is a large project that will require a lot of communication and a lot of time communicating. This will need to be factored into the workload. As there are many different agencies/departments, the communication plan will need to address the different points of communication depending on the communication.
Government standards and legislation requirements
Government usually have more stringent reporting requirements and various regulations and legislations that need to be addressed. This will have to be taken into consideration at the time of communication planning.

Project information and communication

What types of communication resources might be required?
As this project is spread over 10 locations, there needs to be a centralised database and way of communicating to all team members and stakeholders.
For team members this should involve a high quality project management information system that contains the centralised data and information required for the project. Everyone team member needs to know how to use it, where to store the information and what information is to be stored within the system. The PIMS needs to be easily accessible to all relevant parties, in a user friendly format, contains clear reporting guidelines, consistent with relevant privacy legislation and complies with the clients confidentiality requirements.
PIMS will provide a centralised suppository for reports but there needs to be clear reporting guidelines for everyone to follow. A monthly reporting system on a consistent template will help to ensure the project is staying on track and provide transparency for all.
The database is only a database. It doesn’t replace actual communication. Therefore a communication plan needs to be set up at the...

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