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Project Development Essay

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Pearson BTEC Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership Project Development and for Implementation for Strategic Managers Assignment

Date for Draft Submission: 14th August 2014 Date for Submission: 13th July 2014 (The submission portal on ilearn will close at 13.59 BST on 14th August 2014)

2 Introduction To address all the learning outcomes you must attempt all the tasks set out below. Failure to do this will result in a referral. In line with good academic practice at postgraduate level you must reference all your citations in the text using the Harvard format. (See the course’s Student Handbook for more information on this). All such references must be ...view middle of the document...

You are not being asked to advise how this happened rather how you would approach the project now.

You are invited to discuss your project choice when you start the module with your tutor and you can submit a draft of Task 1 and Task 2 for feedback by 13th July 2014. This must be emailed to the tutor no later than this date.

3 Task 1 Project Need

Analyse the internal and external factors that can lead to a project being required including the factors which have led to your highlighted project being required. How might an organisation select which project(s) to implement if more than one has been identified? [AC1.1]

Task 2

Project Specification

a) With reference to your example project identified above, prepare a project specification. You might find using an appropriate pro-forma useful in this part of your assignment. b) Briefly, evaluate the importance of having a project specification highlighting what it should include and why. [AC1.2] [AC1.3]

Task 3

Produce a Project Plan

a) Based upon your specification above, prepare a detailed project plan. Consider what the plan would need to include in order to secure approval for implementation by senior management including:  Resource requirements by resource type and when required  Timescales for the various stages of implementation. This should include an appropriate Gantt chart or CPA  Budget  Implementation strategy You may find using an appropriate pro-forma helpful for this part of your assignment. You can use Open Project or Microsoft Project for detailing the tasks, resources, costs and timescale. b) Evaluate why planning is key to successful project implementation [AC2.1] [AC2.2] [AC2.3] [AC2.4] [AC2.5]

4 Task 4 Implement a Project

With reference to your project, advise how you would implement this project and why including:  Monitoring progress against plan in terms of cost, quality and time and evaluation of the tools that you could use to assist you with this  Who would need to be involved and how they would be organised – Project team structure  Systems and documents that may be needed / need to be implemented  Change control
[AC3.1] [AC3.2] [AC3.3] Task 5 Evaluating Project Outcomes

You have been asked to present your project findings to the senior management team at a meeting. You need to prepare a report and a presentation which:    advises the team on the project procedures used evaluates the outcomes of the project against the original project specification makes recommendations for further projects / investigations as appropriate with regards to procedure and process

[AC4.1] [AC4.2] [AC4.3] [AC5.1] [AC5.2]

This assignment requires several pieces of work to be submitted: Essay – task 1, task 2b, task 3b. task 4 Project Specification – task 2a Project Plan – task 3a Report – task 5 Presentation – task 5 For the Project Specification and Plan, it is recommended that you follow Project Management guidelines regarding structure and...

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