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Project Delivery At Autodesk, Inc Essay

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Project Delivery at Autodesk, Inc.

Project Management Leadership BUS 518
26 February, 2012
As project leader for the office building construction project, formulate a vision statement for the team project.

According to Gray and Larson (2008) a vision is unlike a project scope statement, which includes: budget, end dates, and performance requirements, a vision involve the less tangible aspects of project performance. It refers to an image a project team holds in common about how the project will look upon completion, how they will work together and/or how customers will accept the project (p. 361-362). A simple level of a shared vision will answer the question, what do we want to ...view middle of the document...

The project is to use the construction of the new headquarters as an opportunity for its Solutions Division to combine the latest software capabilities into building information modeling with an emerging paradigm called integrated project delivery (IPD) (Edmondson & Rashid, 2009). The project will use the IPD method to foster communication among all stakeholders during the early stages of the project.
In retrospect analyze what Phil Berstein did to foster higher levels of performance.

Mr. Berstein fostered higher level of performance by ensuring that the project design qualities stayed aligned with the project goals and within budget constraints. For this particular project it was critical that no team member lagged behind in providing the desired output. In the case, this was demonstrated when the project management team has to make the choice to terminate a vendor who was working on the Customer Briefing Center ceiling. The vendor was initially hired because of the building information model capabilities and experience working on the bench mark projects. The team later learned that the vendor will not be able to build and install the ceiling within the budget that was allocated for that element of the project. Although it was a tough decision, it was decided to relieve the vendor of his duties and hire another vendor to perform those responsibilities. The team decided this was a good decision because it was best for the project. The team eventually hired another vendor; however that vendor lacked the technical skills that the previous one attained, however they would be able to deliver the project on time and within the budget (Edmondson & Rashid, 2009). Delivering on time and within budget is ideal for most if not all project.
Another example of fostering higher level performance is when the team members must share the right mind set to meet the objectives of integrated project delivery. The managers need to empower other team members with decision making responsibilities. It is noted throughout the case that there are critical decisions that must be made. The executives should feel confident that they hired the right people to make decisions and not be afraid to take the necessary risk to ensure the project stays on track. To ensure that integrated project delivery works effectively the project implementation team must have the right mind set. In-turn they must understand what is best for the project is also best for the member (Edmondson & Rashid, 2009).
Illustrate his unsuccessful tactics to inspire the team to greater heights.
Mr. Berstein illustrated unsuccessful tactics when there appeared to be trouble with the contingency. He decided that for all future projects he will not include any savings from the contingency as part of the compensation structure. According to the case, it appeared that contingency was a bad idea, because it is not in sync with the integrated project delivery (p.70).
According to...

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