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I.T. Project Management Assessment
October 19, 2012

This passage is a discussion of recent award winner of the Project Management Institute’s Project of the Year Award. We will take a look at what the manager and/or his team did to exhibit exceptional and ethical project management practices. There will be a look into the role played by this project manager or project team, the organizational setting, the approach to project integration management, and the potential threats to the triple constraint, which includes scope, time, and cost goals [ (Schwalbe, 2011) ].
Exceptional and Ethical
Various organizations around the world were considered for the honor of this year’s ...view middle of the document...

A high level of standards will always be indicated in excellence. The nature of the project was dangerous yet the safety rating for it was outstanding.
The Role and Setting
This project was set at a chemical treatment plant by the name of UMCDF. The project was headed by URS Company which offers a full range of program management; planning, design and engineering; systems engineering and etc. It was easy to see the fantastic way that the milestones were surpassed in this project. The scope of the project was to complete the mission goal of destroying 220,604 chemical munitions containing 3,720 tons of deadly chemical agents. This in itself is an enormous task. A look at when efforts are just not good enough, like the Philadelphia waste treatment plant that was not able to keep up with the demands to treat waste, resulted in the waste becoming toxic fumes when the excess was burned in the plant incinerator [ (Popkin, 1986) ]. And even more perspective is provided to the enormity of the task by taking a look at the illegal dumping incident in the Ivory Coast region [ (Writers, 2006) ]. The chemicals involved with the UMCDF project were nearly 7 times the amount as the 538 tons dumped in the village of Abidjan while still causing five known deaths and over 6000 poison victims at the time [ (Writers, 2006) ].
Integration management is said to be the culmination of project selection methods , project management methodologies, stakeholder analyses, project characters, project plans, project management software, change requests, change control boards, project review meeting, lessons-learned reports [ (Schwalbe, 2011) ]. And with the project winning the PMI Project of the Year Award along with setting a high bar for milestones by completing the operations phase of the project 935 days...

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