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Project And Program In A Organization

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Question 1:
A. What is the deference between a Project and Program in a organization with example and justification
Definition of a Project
A project is a temporary entity established to deliver specific (often tangible) outputs in line with predefined time, cost and quality constraints. A project should always be defined and executed and evaluated relative to an (Executive) approved business case which balances the costs, benefits and risks of the project. The project business case should be managed under change control. 

Definition of a Program
program in an organization is group of related projects that are managed using the same technique in a coordinated fashion to achieve the organization’s business goal.
To differentiate Project and Program in an organization, I would like to use an example of a welfare organization. The agency has a program for children’s welfare. The agency includes number of project to achieve organization’s ...view middle of the document...

The program is uncertainty by nature. The working team of program is bigger than the projects. The program team members are monitoring and coordinating the progress of number of projects comes under program.
3. Risk Profile: Project Risks are easy to identify and associated with achievement of defined strategic business objective. Where, program risks are complex in nature and its impact on the organization is greater comparison to project risk.
4. Stakeholders: The project / project deal with limited number of stakeholders. In program the stakeholders are diverse and more in number comparison to project stakeholders. The Community Development program of a NGO, deal with government departments, corporate, Community based Organizations, where the project manager or project deals with only community, people, and local organizations.
5. Resources: Assigned resources to the project can be planned in advance. In programs, recourses are common in nature, can be used be use by more than one project. For an example, a civil engineer or IT specialist of a construction company, associated with program, can be use as resources in more than one project of the company. Specific technical team use by projects.

B. When you become a Project Manager, you need to observe professionalism by being ethical in your work. Discuss at least three ethical issues that may occur during the process of managing of a project.
According to project high risk, high reward, the ethics in project management is very important. An informal survey of PMI project managers in New Zealand states that 80 % of the respondents encountered ethical dilemmas in the practice of their job. They are pressurized to alter status reports, backdate signatures, manipulation in documentation in reality of project progress. On the other hand, some project managers do paddling of time and cost estimations, exaggerating pay – offs of project proposals etc.

In the pursuit of the project management profession, it is vital that PMI members and non members conduct their work in an ethical manner in order to earn and maintain the confidence of team members, colleagues, employees, employers, customers/clients, the public, and the global community

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