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Project Analysis

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Assignment 1

Project Analysis

EDU 533


Many schools cut physical education and physical education funding with the trust that more rigid classroom time would somehow encourage students to learn more. Students need sufficient amounts of physical exercise throughout the school day, not only does physical fitness prevent obesity and obesity-related issues, but it also improves students overall personal health. Physical education is critical to educating all students in grades K-12 and students should receive physical education on a daily basis. K-12 students should take all required physical education courses and have no ...view middle of the document...

Recommend that all schools implement a Comprehensive School Physical Fitness Activity Program.
The students shall be able to do the following:
- Perform multiple Physical Fitness Exercises properly
- Understand the way to operate the Weight Equipment properly
- Describe and comprehend the meaning of how physical fitness affect the overall Health & Wellness of the human body

Assignment 2: Instructional and Delivery Strategies

Specify the learner-related sequencing related to your design strategy, including the sequence, description, and related objective:

Generative development learner-related sequencing

To ensure that student has reached the appropriate developmental level before providing the on-hand training, students will require a period of classroom instruction on the purpose of warm-up, cool-down and stretch exercises. Sequence, description and objective performance will be base on generative development learner-related sequencing related design strategy. Coaches will use hand on demonstration and practical application on how to perform a warm-up, cool down stretch exercises.

Create three (3) instructional learning strategies that clearly correlate with the learning objectives and instructional content created in Assignment 1.
The students will facilitate the three instructional learning strategies on recall.
After review of the instructional charts, rehearsal of performing the warm-up exercise, and daily class repetition the students will be able to recall and perform the warm-up exercise my memorization. After review of the instructional charts, rehearsal of performing the cool down exercise, and daily class repetition the students will be able to recall and perform the cool down exercise my memorization. After review of the instructional charts, rehearsal of performing the stretching exercise, and daily class repetition the students will be able to recall and perform the stretching exercise my memorization
Create an instructional message for the content. Specify the function, content structure, learner, and task attributes as they relate to your project.

An overview instructional message strategy will prepare the students for the three exercises.
Getting started with warm up and cool down exercises. Student will warm up right before workout. Warm up by focusing first on large muscle groups, such as your hamstrings. Then you can do exercises more specific to your sport or activity, if necessary. A warm-up may cause mild sweating, but it shouldn't leave you fatigued. Cooling down is similar to warming up. The student will continue your workout session, but at a slower pace and reduced intensity.
Getting started with stretching exercises. The student will start stretching slowly; this allows the muscle to lengthen without any resistive muscular reflex. If you do it too fast, the muscle will try to protect itself from over-stretching by contracting. If this occurs the muscle could...

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