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Progressive Era Essay

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The Progressive Era was a time period of great change that took place between 1885-1920. The Era was an opportunity given to individuals to succeed. During The Progressive Era there were two groups involved in regulating social and political problems known as the muckrackers and the new middle class. The muckrackers were journalist who exposed corruption in the government and spoke about the truth behind everything in society. The progressive’s goals were to stop the abuse of power, labor laws, suffrages, the corruption of the government and its abuse of power.

Progressive’s established settlement houses to improve the living conditions for the poor. They provided a large amount of ...view middle of the document...

The police wouldn’t handle the situation in a peaceful manor, instead they would abuse and beat protesters.

If we didn’t have a labor laws we would have a similar system as China on how they over work their employees for little pay, and have kids working in very bad conditions “sweatshops” for a small salary. We would have a lot of poverty and people would feel oppressed and financially an individual won’t economically be able to move forward, when this is supposed to be the land of opportunity. Now we have all sorts of regulations protecting human rights, minimum wages and many others.

Margaret Sanger was a feminist who led the birth-control movement. Sanger believed in women’s rights to sexual pleasure and to determine when to have a child. She pushed for females to be treated equally in terms of being able to sleep with as many partners and having the right to be able to be provided with birth control to prevent bringing children into a world of poverty and being able to decide when you’re ready. This movement helped reverse state and federal laws that didn’t oppose on distribution of information about sex and contraception and those who seen contraception as a health issue for women and also arguing that it destroys marriages. Her speeches and action influenced many and knowing she made a change in most states is indeed is successful. If it wasn’t because she continued to advocate for the rights of woman then we wouldn’t have what is now called Planned Parenthood. This provides service and health care for women to prevent unintended pregnancies, cancer screening, and provides you with information on making responsible choices about sex, life, and family planning . This benefits victims that were involved in a rape crime and supplies them with medication such as the day after pill, or in other cases abortions.

Suffragists were Progressive feminists aiming to improve women’s rights. Giving women the right to vote has been a major issue in many states. Females were asserted as being responsible for housekeeping and being home with the family not making any political...

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