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Progress Check #2 Essay

757 words - 4 pages

Progress Check #2
VOCABULARY (50 Points)

PART A. Fill in the blanks in each sentence below (2 pts. each/ total of 30 pts).

Choose from the following words:

history spelling example inference pronunciation
speech synonym prefix antonym definitions
meaning original context definition suffix

1. The base, or root, of a word gives its __orginal__________ meaning, which often comes from another language. It may be a root word from Greek, Latin, French, German, or Spanish.

2. A __prefix_____________is a word part added to the front of a root word and changes the ____meaning____________ of the word.

3. A _suffix__________ is a word part added to the end of a root word. ...view middle of the document...

PART B: Below you’ll find ten sentences with unfamiliar words highlighted. Determine the meaning of the unknown words by using the vocabulary strategies you’ve learned. You can use Word Parts of Context Clues: definition, synonym, contrast/antonym, example, or inference.

In this section, you will give three answers for each of the highlighted words (total 20 pts).

1. State the vocabulary strategy.
2. Next, write the words or word parts in the sentence that helped you to understand the meaning of the highlighted word.
3. Then, state what you think the word means.

Example a:
Some parents have misconceptions about raising children.
1. Word Parts
2. Mis—wrong; concept—idea; tion—state or quality of
3. Misconception means the state of having the wrong idea.

Example b:
Jake felt like he was coerced, or forced against his will, to take a higher truck payment than he had expected.
1. Definition Clue
2. the commas and the phrase “forced against his will” within the commas
3. Coerced means to be forced against your will.

1. Use a telescope to see into the sky.

• Vocabulary Strategy?
• Which words or word parts did you use?
• Definition?

2. When taking notes, include any supporting evidence, examples, and other information you found that will clarify difficult concepts.

• Vocabulary Strategy?
• Which words or word parts did you use?
• Definition?


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