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Programming Language Essay

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Programming Language

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Programming Language


A machine language involves collection of some patterns of bits that the central processing unit recognizes as instructions. Every CPU design contains its own machine language. For the microcomputer, the machine language of the CPU contains 75 instructions, and for the large mainframe computers, it contains hundreds of instructions. The instructions have patterns of 1s and 0s.

An assembly language involves some collection of symbolic and mnemonic names that are contained in every instruction in the machine language of the CPU. It is usually tied ...view middle of the document...

The last step involves code generation, and involves production of machine code by use of syntactic produced in the previous step.


The four common computer language paradigms include declarative paradigm, procedural paradigm, object-oriented paradigm and the functional paradigm.


The procedural languages have modules, which are procedures. Such procedures are sequences of statements. The procedures are mostly functions, and they map arguments to return statements. Procedural languages use top down design. This language has some difficulty, which is the fact the software maintenance is time consuming and difficult (Gabbrielli & Martini, 2010).

Object oriented language address difficulties of procedural languages. The main modules in the program are usually classes instead of procedures. It has also a principle, encapsulation, which is the hiding of objects in internal states and needs all interaction be performed via the object methods (Gabbrielli & Martini, 2010).


A class involves a collection of...

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