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Programming Final Essay

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Programming Final
1. The case structure lets the value of a variable or an expression determine which path of execution the program will take. It’s a multiple alternative decision structure that allows you to test the value of a variable or an expression and then use that value to determin which statement to execute.
2. The AND operator takes two Boolean expressions as operands and creates a compound Boolean expression that is true only when both expressions are true. True AND True = True
3. The OR operator takes two Boolean expressions as operands and creates a compound Boolean expression that is true when either of the sub expressions is true. True OR False = True
4. The NOT operator ...view middle of the document...

15. A count-controlled loop iterates a specific number of times. A for-loop is a specifically designed as a count-controlled loop.
16. While-loop (how many times will u loop) trick question
17. While-loop “ “ “ “ trick question
18. While-loop “ “ “ “
19. Count-controlled loops are commonly used in programs. For example suppose a business is open six days a week and you are going to write a program that calculates the total sales for the week. You will need a loop that iterates exactly six times. Each time the loop iterates, it will prompt the user to enter the sales for one day.
20. pseudocode
21. The Do-while loop is a posttest. This means it performs an iteration before testing its condition. happens at the end.
22. pseudocode
23. loop-structure, which repeats as long as the Boolean expression is false. Do-until loop
24. The amount by which the counter variable is incremented in a for-loop is known as the step amount. Default is 1
25. What type of loop. for-loop ?
26. A while-loop is a pretest, which means it test its condition before performing an iteration. The Do-while is a posttest.
27. Using a counter variable the loop performs the following three actions; initialization, test, and increment.
28. While-loop, How many times
29. For-loop, how many times.
30. For-loop, how many times.
31. An optional parameter list appears inside a set of parentheses. If the function doesnot accept arguments, then an empty set of parentheses will appear. Function header
32. In a function flow chart the starting terminal symbol usually shows the name of the function, along with any parameters that the function has. The ending terminal symbol reads RERTURN, followed by a value or expression.
33. If a function returns a integer, the word Integer will...

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