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Programming Essay

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Programming 1 - Semester 1, 2015
Assignment 1
Release Date: 27 / 02 /2015
Total raw marks: 60
Assignment weight: 6%
NOTE: This assignment is to be undertaken individually—no group work is permitted.

Background information
For this assignment you are to complete a partially completed menu-driven, Java console
application, which allows the user to select one of four options:

Display Time and Date
Swim Fitness Summary Calculator
Sentence Analyser

The incomplete code solution (in the source file called is in the same
Assignment 1 folder, available via myRMIT.
The partially completed program already has code to display the menu. You ...view middle of the document...

Once the required values have been read in the program should to calculate the relative swim
fitness index (in terms of laps per minute per kg) as follows and displayed to the screen:

swim fitness index = (number of laps / time) / weight
Once the swim fitness index has been calculated and displayed the program should determine
whether the swim fitness index for the session was less than, equal to or greater than a
benchmark swim fitness index that has been set of 0.025 - a suitable message should be
displayed to the screen accordingly indicating swim fitness index for the session was below, equal
to, or above the benchmark that has been set.
Examples are given below for the different scenarios.
Example 1 - fitness level decreasing:
Enter number of laps: 40
Enter time taken in minutes: 25
Enter weight in kg: 80
Swim fitness level achieved in session was 0.02
Session swim fitness index was below the benchmark swim fitness index by 0.005
Example 2 - fitness level unchanged:
Enter number of laps: 40
Enter time taken in minutes: 20
Enter weight in kg: 80
Swim fitness level achieved in session was 0.025
Session swim fitness index equalled the benchmark swim fitness index
Example 3 - fitness level decreasing:
Enter number of laps: 50
Enter time taken in minutes: 25
Enter weight in kg: 50
Swim fitness level achieved in session was 0.04
Session swim fitness index was above the benchmark swim fitness index by 0.015

Note that the user may enter different values for the number of laps, time and weight.


Menu option C – Sentence analyser (20 Marks)
The program should initially prompt the user to enter a sentence, reade that sentence in from the
keyboard and store it in a variable for later use.
Once the sentence has been read in the program should produce an analysis of the structure of
the sentence by calculating and displaying the following statistics:

The length of the sentence

The number of upper and lower case letters in the sentence

The number of digits in the sentence

The number of whitespace characters in the sentence

Whether the sentence is a valid sentence or not - any sentence ending in a period ('.'), a
question mark ('?') or an exclamation point ('!') is considered to be a valid sentence for this
purposes of this task.

A sample run is shown below to demonstrate how the program should run:
Enter sentence: The quick BROWN fox jumped over the 2 lazy dogs (or was it 3?).

Sentence statistics:
- Length of sentence:
- Upper case characters:
- Digits:


- Lower case characters: 39
- Whitespace characters: 13
- Valid sentence:
Note that this sample execution run is presented for example purposes – the user may specify a
sentence that contains different number of the character types you are looking for and may or may
not be a "valid" sentence based on the criteria mentioned above.


Code commenting / General coding style (7 + 4 + 4 =...

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