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Program Of Excellence Essay

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Program of Excellence The program of excellence is a program that deals with the development of Canadian hockey players. Canadian hockey has undergone a massive make over within the past 15 years and that is partly due to the effects that the program of excellence has had on Canadian hockey. The program targets all ages of Canadian hockey players. There is an under 17 training camp, along with an under 18 training camp that can lead to the involvement of these players into our World Junior rosters and as well as our Olympic teams. The Canadian Hockey Association the national sport governing body responsible for hockey in Canada established the Program of Excellence in 1981. The idea sprung upon us, after a 1981 International tournament in which Canada has participated in and finished out of the medal standings. Disappointed Canadian citizens believed and thought that Canada ...view middle of the document...

The Program of Excellence has created a process through which potential candidates for regional and national teams participating in International competitions can be selected. To achieve the objectives of the Program the collective resources of Canadian Hockey and all other components of organized hockey in Canada are being utilized. The Program of Excellence allows Canada to identify and train our most gifted young players to encourage and motivate them to play for Canada and to provide them with the opportunities to measure and refine their skills against top calibre international competition. The benefits are enormous not only for the players who participate but also for all levels of organized hockey in Canada. By achieving greater success in international hockey we develop new pride in our national sport and signify to the rest of the world that hockey is indeed Canada's game. The first Program of Excellence Centre in Canada was established in Calgary, Alberta in 1983. The Centre was called The Western Centre of Excellence (WCOE) .The Centre evolved around International Hockey and Canadian hockey as a whole. The WCOE is presently one of five Centres of Excellence located across Canada.The four other Centres in Saint John, Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver are Canadian Hockey's links to the grassroots levels of hockey. The WCOE acts as a resource facility for coaches and players at all levels of hockey to come in and study both videos and manuals developed in Canada and other hockey playing nations.The impact that the Program of Excellence has had on Canadian hockey has been amazing. With the silver medal won in Winnipeg in January 1999, Canada now has thirteen medals in eighteen years (10 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze) having five of those gold medals being won in five consecutive years. Thus proving that The Program of Excellence is an exemplary program for any sport competing with the best that the rest of the world has to offer.

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