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Profile Stay At Home Mom Essay

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Full-Time Mom
In today’s society, there are so many misconceptions about mothers who choose to stay home with their children rather than go to work. Many see it as taking the easy way out. Others think women stay at home because they don’t have the correct education to find decent paying jobs. Overall, people regard stay-at-home moms with less respect than working mothers. There are some however, like myself, who do not agree with these beliefs and see it just as important as any full-time job.
I stood outside of my car on the blacktop of the driveway, staring at the off white, one-story house. It was really long, sitting parallel with the street and sat right in the middle of an ...view middle of the document...

According to the Census Bureau, there are about 5 million stay at home moms in the United States: that’s about 24% of all mothers. Her husband, Tom worked a 3rd shift job and would watch the kids during the day. They both decided that was too much and he couldn’t get enough sleep. With Tom’s salary, along with him working doubles to get overtime, they could afford it. Her neutral voice suddenly turned soft and quiet with sadness. Because her husband was working so much, there wasn’t much family time. She now had to do everything herself.
I had expected an older woman, not a 35 year old with 8 kids. Her three oldest boys, were 15, 12 and 10. They went to three different schools which meant Maria had to wake them up at three separate times. She told me that between getting them up she would make breakfast, pack their lunches, and help them find whatever clothes or supplies they had misplaced. She said her days usually start at 5 a.m. with a cup of coffee to get her going.
After the boys left, she could spend time with her four girls. Maria explained that watching TV all day wasn’t allowed. I followed them outside where the girls played on the swing set. She brought the car seat out for the baby so she could run around and play tag with the other girls. It didn’t last long because the baby Emilee started to cry. That was the end of outside play. After play time outside, the TV went off just like every other day. The coloring books came out, and the girls argued over Maria’s attention. They wanted to show her how good they were and fight over who was better. When fighting started Maria told them to cut it out, that they were sisters, and they love each other.
She left them alone to color while she made lunch. I followed her into the kitchen where she searched the cupboards filled with Easy Mac, Ramen Noodles, and Spaghetti O’s. She made three peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, opened a can of oranges, and filled three cups with Kool-Aid. Kool-Aid was her worst enemy because it was pure sugar but they wouldn’t drink anything else. After she got the kids to sit down at the table and in the high chairs, she fed the baby. As she was breastfeeding, she told me that she had to feed her every two hours.
While the kids ate, she switched laundry and vacuumed for the third time. After she finished with that she got to sit down herself and eat, but it didn’t last more than two bites until the girls were done and crawling all over her. Isabella, her 2 year old still wasn’t potty trained and Maria said she had no initiative to go on the toilet, but that didn’t stop her from trying. It seemed like she was asking Bella if she had to use to bathroom every ten minutes. The three girls wanted to take a bath, and they all went together to play with toys in there. Maria didn’t stop though; she cleaned up the table from lunch and did...

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