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Proffessional Roles And Values Essay

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Professional Mission Statement
A. The function of a regulatory organization like the state board of nursing differs immensely from the role of a professional organization like American Nurses Association (ANA). The ultimate goal of the board of nursing (BON) is to protect the public or patient. The main goal of a professional organization like ANA is to promote the overall growth of the nursing profession, (Nursingworld, 2012). The BON functionally develops policies, rules and regulations that govern the nursing profession. It sets standards for the practice of nursing, and interprets and enforces those standards through the practice act, and takes actions against the licenses of nurses ...view middle of the document...

Share information to keep its members informed on current issues and trends, advocate for nurses and to promote the overall growth of the profession and the patients it serves. For example in the case of the “Winkle County Nurses” from Texas in 2009, the ANA supported their whistleblower actions, (Nursingworld, 2012). The ANA also team up with legislators to help enact laws that promote the profession.

B. The first provision of the code of ethics states “The Nurse practices with compassion and respect…, (ANA, 2014). This provision talks about the nurses’ relationship with their patients. The relationship between the patient and the nurse is built on trust and mutual respect. This provision has always influenced my practice. Knowing that the patient looks up to you for answers to every question they have and believe that you as a nurse is going to be truthful and honest with them, I try my possible best to educate and inform my patients to the best of my ability and in situations where I do not have answers, I am honest with my patients to let them know that I will find out or will let the doctor come in and talk to them about it. I would rather be honest to keep the trust built with my patients than tell them something I do not know and lose their trust.
The first provision also talks about the respect for human dignity which is also a fundamental principle underlying the profession. I believe that every human being is entitled to healthcare and the best treatment available irrespective of their social standing; cultural background, where they come from or who they are and this belief has always guided my practice. I always put my personal beliefs aside and provide the best care possible and treat all my patients fairly.

C. 1. The second provision of the code of ethics talks about the fact that “the nurse’s primary commitment is to the patient,” (ANA, 2014). With this provision in mind, as a member of an interdisciplinary team of healthcare professionals I will always push and remind my colleagues that we must always put the interest of the patient first. Sometimes in meetings one cannot help but notices that some colleagues from other departments tend to put the interest of the organization first. But as a nurse and a patient advocate, I always try to remind my colleagues that it is a human life at stake here and we must always think about them first.
2. The first provision of the code talks about the right to healthcare, which is universal. Sometimes at interdisciplinary meetings you will notice that if a patient does not have the necessary coverage in health insurance there is a rush to get them out of the hospital or facility, even when patients do not have a safe place to return to. As a member of an interdisciplinary team and a nurse I will always try to get the other members to understand the patient’s right and safety issues. I will explain to my colleagues that if we rush patients out they are going to return shortly in...

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