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Professor Zhang Essay

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  CASES CASE 1: Hewlett-Packard: The Flight of the Kittyhawk, Clayton M. Christensen, 9-697060, March 2003 CASE 2: Creating Project Plans to Focus Product Development, Steven C. Wheelwright and Kim B. Clark, Reprint number 92210, HBR March-April 1992 CASE 3: Innovation Versus Complexity: What is Too Much of a Good Thing, Mark Gottfredson and Keith Aspinall, Reprint R0511C, HBR November 2005 CASE 4: Microsoft Office 2000, Alan MacCormack and Kerry Harman, 9-600-097, June 2000. CASE 5: Product Development at Dell CorporationCorporation, Stefan Thomke and Vish Krishnan, 9-699-010, January 1999 Case Presentations Nov 3 – Nov 10 – Nov 17 Nov 24 Dec ...view middle of the document...

Was the chosen target customer set (direct customer buying the product and final end user customer) basically the same or different compared to previous HP disk drive product development projects? d. What were the differences in the product value proposition between the chosen target customer set and the target customer option they did not pursue? e. Why did they fail? Additional Set of Questions that may also help – some of them might be a repeat a) What market strategy was chosen for the Kittyhawk and was it the same or different from previous product developments? b) Were the revenue goals consistent with the market strategy? c) What type of product development process was used? d) What type of project organization was chosen? e) How was the project staffed? f) Were the product development methodology, project organization and staffing consistent with the market strategy? g) How did the existence of the Kittyhawk project impact the product portfolio of the division? h) What was the market maturity of the various applications being considered for the Kittyhawk product? i) What might have been done differently? 2) Creating Project Plans to Focus Product Development a. What benefits did PreQuip and Hill-Rom gain by developing an aggregate project plan? b. What strategic criteria did they use to select and sequence projects in their aggregate project plans? c. How did PreQuip and (Hil-Rom) use the project map to manage its development activities (including alliances)? d. How does the maturity of the market for the product line impact

the project map? e. Should there be an aggregate plan for the entire company or for individual product lines? What are the pros and cons of each? f. Can the concept of the aggregate project plan be applied to other project types besides product development projects? 3) Innovation vs. Complexity a. How does product line complexity impact customer satisfaction and company profitability? (When does variety become complexity?) b. How does complexity impact the supply network? c. What is the author's view of lean and six...

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