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Professionalism Essay

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What is professionalism? To understand the term, we must first understand the word in its totality. The Meriam-Webster dictionary defines professionalism as “the conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person”. This means that there are characteristics that differentiate a professional from a novice, an amateur or a voluntary person. It is important to understand the following based on the above definition, if there are two people working in an organization, one might be termed a professional and the other one not so. Professionalism is an individual trait and in this essay, we will examine the characteristics, strengths, ...view middle of the document...

Secondly, every organization has its policy on staff behaviours. This policies act as guidelines in general so staff know what they can and cannot do in the work environment. However, situations can and usually do arise where there is a possibility of going against the organization's rule of conduct. How an individual handles himself in such situations determine their level of professionalism. For example a behavioural trait of a professional is promptness- arriving to work on time. However, it might be that on a certain day, due to traffic or an accident on the road, they are unable to make their usual time. This is a situation that goes against the organization's staff resumption policy. In said situation, what is the professional way of conduct? This leads to a crucial aspect of professionalism. A professional must have the ability to think critically, analyze how his/her action or non-action can be interpreted and how it tells on his/her person and how it reflects on the organization they represent.

Other behavioral aspects of a professional include good hygiene, appropriate dressing, and integrity. Good hygiene goes without saying as it is unlikely that an individual who cannot look after his own hygiene would be capable of handling the affairs of others. Dirty hair, bad breath and body-odour do not denote a professional. As to dressing, it is often said that a person's outward appearance is a reflection of the inner person. As such a professional understands that his/her appearance directly affects the level of confidence his/her clients have in them. Finally, another key behavioral aspects of a true professional is in his/her principles. A professional values his/her integrity and would never compromise it by acting in an unbecoming manner even if he could get away with it. This extends beyond work into other aspects of their life. Making them very important members of their communities as well.

Strengths of a professional

With regards to the strengths of a professional, there are many attributes which can be ascribed to them. These include leadership, initiative, insight-fulness, problem-solving, open-mindedness, communication, knowledge of their own weakness, and team-working to name a few. There are many more strengths which can be added to the list above; not every person who can be called a professional exhibits all the mentioned strengths. However, there are some strengths that are crucial and necessary in all professionals.

Firstly communication. The ability to correctly and fluently express themselves. This is crucial not only with interacting with clients but also with with fellow staff. In multiple researches carried out in work organizations, the ability to properly express yourself is directly proportional to how quickly you are promoted in...

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