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Professional Values And Ethics Paper

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Professional Values and Ethics Paper

Professional Values and Ethics Paper
Corporations demand an exceptional quality of characteristics and traits when hiring employees. Individuals who illustrate good work ethics and values will persevere. Identifying what is wrong or right and applying it to one’s choice will lead to making the right decision. In some cases; however, there may be gray areas not as straightforward as there are various personal values and ethics one may follow. Numerous sources identify these traits each person possesses that will help accomplish professional success. The following paper will define professional values and ethics, identify sources ...view middle of the document...

Our ethics can tend to foible throughout life, but as long as we maintain our integrity, honesty, respect, trust, and excellence in ourselves ethics will be our moral compass to navigate through the sea of life.
Sources of Professional Values and Ethics
Many sources identify values and ethics, such as individual personality, academic integrity, and commitment. Possessing a great personality will also encourage people to have great moral values. Values and ethics come from the personality of that individual and if that person comes with a great personality it will affect everyone around him or her. Academic integrity shows trust and dedication to education one wants to pursue. Taking shortcuts and not maintaining integrity will affect grades, trust, and honesty toward education. Academic Integrity also displays leadership skills that people will recognize. To be a great leader one must learn how, and who to follow; having a great mentor that will show the skills of being a leader in individual personality, academic integrity, and commitment. Commitment is another crucial factor in values and ethics because it shows that he or she desires to remain in that career field. Non-committal will show employers how one does not take their job seriously. Setting standards and following them will show commitment among workers and leaders. Professional values and ethics are vital in ones chosen career field; it will show integrity and help build character of employers.
Effects on Career Success
A person’s professional value creates a workplace that allows him or her to make proper decisions and choices. These ethical values if used properly in all decisions made will come logically in an everyday lifestyle (Urbany, Reynolds, & Phillips). Without these proper values and ethics, one’s success is flawed, and when unethical choices are made then judgments of situations are not as strong. Lack of strong values in the workplace can cause wrong choices to be made leading to misconduct that can have serious consequences. Having good values in the workplace allows one to make the right choices, which set in motion a climb on the success ladder. Making the wrong choices without good values and ethics can lead to an unsuccessful career with difficult choices to make in the future. By using critically thinking to resolve situations thoroughly and making the right choice one’s values and ethics are high. Having made the right decision not only affects one’s career but also everyday lifestyle leading to achieving accomplishments and a successful life.
An example of...

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