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Professional Values An Ethics Essay

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Professional Values and Ethics
Professional Values and Ethics
Values and ethics are the principles by which one lives his or her life. To be successful in any field an individual must possess strong values and good ethics. These are the principles on which to build a successful career. Consistently choosing to act ethically can enhance and promote ones career. Many sources defining and explaining professional values and ethics are available. They vary with careers; however they are similar in their requirement for honesty and integrity. Many companies have their own code of ethics, which employees are expected to follow. A work environment in which everyone strives for high ethical ...view middle of the document...

Ethics can be compared to ones conscience. When one does something wrong, he or she generally knows that it is wrong. If an honest person goes with their conscience in a bad situation, usually it will end better. When it concerns school and working, ethics will always be in everything we do. Ethics is our way of knowing what to do and what not to, how to be successful in class, and how we should base everything on. Value and ethics is a part of our everyday lives. Even without thinking about it, we are always using and basing decisions around our values and ethics.

Professional values and ethics are core essentials to accomplish and attain success in life’s decisions and consequences. Value-based decision-making is a socially responsible decision with the greater emphasis on ethics; however, all decisions, whether judged highly ethical, grossly unethical or anywhere in between are value-based because of the involvement of an implicit or explicit trade-off of values (Urbany, Reynolds, & Phillips, 2008). Three starting places or sources of professional values and ethics are consideration of the trade-off values, professional integrity, and respect.

Trade-off values are decisions made based on short-term achievement or fame versus a healthy and positive consequence of the choice made or action made (Urbany, Reynolds, & Phillips, 2008). In the professional environment, decisions should be made to ensure a long-term reflection pursuit of good values and ethics are regularly chosen. For example, if a company chooses to make decisions based on inconsistent financial gain instead of the happiness of the customer, the company has done a ‘trade-off’ for short-term money over the long-term loyalty of customers.
The professional integrity of the proficient environment is a key element to be implemented in the decision mapping process. If a person does not practice work habits with integrity, the professional environments integrity is compromised. Without trust, reliability, honesty, and truthfulness, any atmosphere or setting will quickly become unorganized, unchallenged, and unsuccessful. Without organization and ambition, the pursuit of knowledge and perfection will be obsolete, leaving questions and new ideas unable to be resolved or acted upon. In a business or professional environment, organization, and challenges should always be present. Success comes by learning new things. “With a desire, creativity has no age limit and one can learn anything at any age (Yadav, 1997).” Without trust of the environment, the creativity and quest for knowledge will cease, promoting obstruction, and failure.
Respect in a professional environment is essential for longevity and loyalty to be established and maintained. A respect for the surroundings, people, business, goals and ambitions must be present for the objective to be achieved. Values and ethics cannot be possible without respect. The key is not to change the established...

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