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Professional Studies Refection Essay

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Professional Studies Assignment


For this essay I will be reflecting on an incident from practice, by drawing on developing knowledge, understanding and the application of professional studies. Reflection offers an opportunity to learn through an experience. This allows us to develop or sustain effective practice (Johns, 2000).
I will be using the Gibbs (1988) reflective framework to structure my reflection (see appendix A). I find this framework very easy to follow, and as Clodagn (2003), explains it allows a person to implement alternative actions to an event, if followed.
The incident will be described and the influence of key issues relating to ethical ...view middle of the document...

This was due to knowing that there was nothing I was able to do to improve his quality of life, apart from ensuring that he was comfortable and pain free. Due to my emotional attachment to Mr and Mrs. Wood I felt very upset when he passed away. I felt as though I had lost someone close to me. I also felt like I had to withhold my emotions at that time to enable me to give 100% support to Mrs.Wood. According to Copp (1999), emotional attachment has been identified as an unavoidable aspect of caring for the dying. Being exposed to the individual’s vulnerabilities during their dying trajectory causes this.

While helping with Mr.Wood’s care, I became aware of how important it is to maintain a good relationship with him, his wife and other healthcare professionals. As Parker and Aranda (1998), explain it is essential that recognition of the need to offer care that is holistic and meets the individuals complex needs must be shared across a multidisciplinary team. I found this to be very beneficial to me and made me aware of ethics and decision-making.
Leddy (1998) discusses ethics as a system of valued behaviours and beliefs for determining right or wrong, and allowing judgements to be made about care provided.
Three types of ethics I concentrated on were: autonomy, beneficence and non-maleficence. Gallagher and Boyd (1991) define autonomy as the individuals right to chose. Edwards (1996) states the principle of non-maleficence is the obligation not to do harm and the principle of beneficence is to act in a way, which promotes the well being of others. These were all vital in regards to Mr.Wood. It was my duty of care to protect him from any kind of avoidable harm (non-maleficence). With regards to beneficence it was important to focus on providing comfort and full relief of symptoms (Parker and Aranda 1998). It was essential to explain everything clearly to both Mr and Mrs Wood, as they made the decisions together, due to Mr. Wood being unable to effectively communicate verbally to us. This led to problems with autonomy. Johnstone (1989) discusses how important it is for nurses to allow the patient to be involved in any decision-making concerning their care. These ethics are both professional ethics and my own personal beliefs. Tschudin (2003) mentions that to make an ethical decision you need to take into account thoughts, values, beliefs, ethical principles etc, of the patient and their family.
Hamer and Collinson (1999) states practitioners need to adopt a non-judgemental attitude towards the beliefs of individuals. Burnard and Chapman (2003) then goes onto say that nurses are required to promote and protect the interests of patients and clients irrespective of gender, lifestyle, culture, age, race, sexuality etc.

When considering a negative aspect of the incident I looked at resource management, people management and quality assurance, and how they affected the care of Mr.Wood. With regards to all of these time...

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