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Professional Standards Essay

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CheckPoint: Professional Standards
This report will explain what Meta tags are used for and what search engines have to do with them. It will also explain the importance of professional standards in Web development. By following these suggestions it can be the difference between a successful website and one that is not.
Meta tags are hidden codes that search engines use to index a website. There are about 80% of people on the Internet that uses search engines to find information. According to “” (2013), “SEO (Search Engine Optimization) meta tags still play an important role.” Meta description is very important to if you want users to find and come to your website. The Meta tags should be unique for each and ...view middle of the document...

When adding Meta tags and keywords to your site you may encounter errors. Here are some of the reasons because of the errors why the website won’t get listed in the index of a search engine:
• Forgot to add the important Meta tags.
• Spamming the search engine with individual request to submit the site.
• Website contains “illegal” copyrighted works.
• Without your knowledge some questionable material is placed on the website. (example: nude pictures)
• You use a free service and don’t have a domain name of your own.
There are times that search engines will refuse to add your website because of content or the way the site was made. You should place Meta tags at the head part of the website.
Professional standards in website development are very important because without them your client will not trust you. The design of your site will reflect on how serious you are about your business and what the client can expect. One of the unacceptable practices of web design is, Gonsalves (2004-2013), “copying, altering, or reproducing someone else’s work without permission no matter how much you change it.” This is a major way to get a client not to trust you.
In conclusion, if you don’t use Meta tags, no customers will visit your site. By taking your time and making good Meta tags that are relevant and match the information about your site, you site will score higher than others. As far as professional standards go, be true to yourself and make all the work your own, if you need to copy anything get the proper permission to use the information. By following this guidelines will help you make a great website and get your clients and follows to trust you and keep coming back.

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