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Professional Selling Essay

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Chapter 2- Evolution of Selling Models that Complement the Marketing Concept
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Marketing Concept- a philosophy that says the firm should co-ordinate all its activities to satisfy its customers whole achieving its own goal
Marketing Mix- a set of controllable, tactical marketing tools that consists of everything the firm can do to influence the demand for its product. These can be organized into four sets of variables; product, place, promotion, price
Consultative  Selling- an approach to personal selling that is an extension of the marketing concept. Emphasis is placed on need identification, need satisfaction, and the building of a relationship that results in ...view middle of the document...

Relationship Strategies Focus on Four Key Groups
1. Customers - a major key to success in selling is the ability to establish working relationships with customers in which mutual support, trust, and goals are nurtured over time
2. Secondary decision makers- high performance salespeople understand the importance of building relationships with the people who work with customers
3. Company support staff- the maintenance of relationships internally is a vital aspect of selling. Support staff may include persons working in the areas of market research, product service, credit, training, or shipping
4. Management personnel- sales personnel usually work under the direct supervision of a sales manager, a department head, or some other member of the firms mgmt. team
Thought Processes that Enhance your Relationship Strategy
Self-Concept- An Important Dimension of the Relationship Strategy
Self-Concept- bundle of facts, opinions, beliefs, and perceptions about yourself that are present in your life every moment of every day
A few practical approaches are summarized as follows;
1. Focus on the future and stop being overly concerned with past mistakes or failures. Past errors should not immobilize you
2. Develop expertise in selected areas. It improves self image and increase value of your contributions to your employer and customer
1. Learn to develop positive personal attitude
The Win-Win Philosophy
Win-win people;
* Help others solve their problem
* Fix what caused the problem
* Make life a joyous happening for others and themselves
* Learn from the past, live in the present, and set goals for the future
* Make commitments to themselves and to others and keep them both
Empathy and Ego Drive
Ego Drive- an inner force that makes the salesperson want and need to make the sale
* When you sense what the customer is feeling, you can change pace and make whatever modifications are needed in you sales presentation
Character and Integrity
Character- your personal standards of behaviour, including honesty and integrity. Your character is based on your internal values and the resulting judgements you make about what is right and what is wrong
Integrity- part of your character; what you have when your behaviour is in accordance with your professed standards and personal code of moral values
Verbal & Nonverbal Strategies that Add Value to your Relationships
Nonverbal message- a form of communication that has been defined as "messages without words" or "silent messages"
The image you project is the sum total of verbal and nonverbal factors
1. Entrance & Carriage- successful entrance is simply believing and projecting that you have a reason to be there and have something important to odder the client
1. Shaking Hands- eye contact during handshake, degree of firmness, depth of interlock, duration of grip, degree of dryness of hands

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