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Professional Roles Essay

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Nursing Contributions in the Promotion of Safety
Western Governor’s University

Interdisciplinary teams are formed in most hospital settings. The individuals involved in the total care of a patient come together to discuss, plan, and implement patient care or care based improvements in protocol. Discussions on proposed topics reviewed by the team present an opportunity to weigh out all options and develop the best way to resolve issues with which they are faced. These teams give nurses the opportunity to be actively involved in determining the path of care of their patients.
When a nurse serves on the team, they can exhibit leadership qualities without serving in the capacity of an official role. Often the role of the nurse is overlooked by other members of the team. The role of the nurse is to serve as an advocate for their patient and to work in their best interest toward their full recovery and well-being. This can be fulfilled by displaying ...view middle of the document...

The promotion of the “safety culture” is another way nurses have the ability to excel. Utilizing safe practice guidelines and evidenced based practices is important for maintaining the best patient care. Educating other team members when warranted can help increase reporting and can help set policy change into motion according to IHI.
A nurse should be part of an interdisciplinary team in the role of patient advocate. The nurse has the most contact with the patient and will work to benefit the patient above all others. The nurse serves as the main source of observable information to those serving in other specialties making it very important that the nurse be included in an active role in the group. Two ways for nurses to take an active role are to become well versed in hospital policy and how the hospital conducts business. Also, by staying on top of the most current evidence based practices will serve as a great benefit and asset to any team.
As the nurse on the interdisciplinary team I would help to achieve a safe environment for my patients by utilizing the “Four Characteristics of a Culture of Safety”(PS-106). These characteristics include psychological safety, active leadership, transparency, and fairness. All of these characteristics are dependent of the others, as indicated above in my discussion of leadership and teamwork. Psychologically, a sense of trust must be developed as it is imperative that the patient feel safe to allow care to be delivered, and they must also trust their initial judgment to be satisfied with their experience and care. Transparency is an important quality of good leadership. Transparency gives all involved a sense of ownership and helps develop the relationship of trust. Fairness gives you a sense of being protected by policy. If established protocol is utilized it ensures that the best interest of the patient will be achieved.

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