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Professional Presence Essay

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Professional Presence and Influence

Professional Presence and Influence
Professional Presence and Influence
Professional Presence
Western medicine has progressed both scientifically and socially as new mandates of healthcare requirements are implemented as well as the rising demand for the most current and scientifically advanced care is desired. As not simply a nation, but a world, we have great progress yet to be made. Comparatively speaking of the quality, type and availability of healthcare across our globe, there is a clear lag and imbalance for those in other countries where healthcare is still antiquated and minimal at best. Evidence of this ...view middle of the document...

If someone was ill, the source was simply physical in nature, and therefore a physical solution must be found and administered for relief or cure. Physical solutions included medications, surgeries, or other modalities which would result in physical change in the body. Thought was “essentially equated to the functioning of the brain” (Dossey, n.d.). Practitioners did not consider that feelings such as stress or fear could impact a person’s health. With what is now seemingly failed practice, physicians and nurses alike, did not treat the whole entity or person but rather only treated physical affliction. To state it simply, a physical solution for a physical cause was the premise of this era.
Upon examination of Era II, we see that practitioners began to realize the whole person was not simply a physical being. With affirmation from scientific evidence, it was now considered that “disease has a "psychosomatic" aspect: that emotions and feelings can influence the body's functions” (Dossey, n.d.). This era implies that a person’s state of health or ability to heal can be affected by their psychosomatic process. For instance, anxiety or depression may negatively influence an individual’s healing process as compliance or simply stagnation may negatively be occurring during a time when positive influence, compliance with care and drive may be needed to positively progress. It is now known that stress can influence a person’s blood pressure and create an elevation which in itself can also produce change in physical condition, vasoconstriction and more. Additionally, stress is thought to worsen gastric ulcers by increasing the production of acid in the digestive tract. Doctors will often suggest stress reduction techniques to patients with these types of ulcers, along with a pharmaceutical cohort, to reduce the acid production to allow the healing process to occur. “All of life stops when suffering is profound. Focus leaves the external world and moves into an interior space, a space of longing, and the ultimate meaning of existence” (Koerner, 2011). The stress from suffrage, pain and illness impacts the human psychosomatic system and with the combination of mind and body so greatly entangled, it is essential to focus our care on the whole being, the human being. With the utilization of this particular model of Era II, practitioners have now begun to treat not simply just the physical being, but also the mind of the being as they are clearly intertwined and connected. These changes lead to a greater deliverance of care resulting in a healthier patient and being.
Being human can is a topic which can include many perspectives. When discussing the relationship between Dossey’s Era I and II, being human encompasses the physical as well as the psychosomatic aspect of health. We, as medical professionals, realize one of the first priorities is physically healing an individual. According to Koerner, “Healing is a...

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