Professional Knowledge And Abilities Paper

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Professional Knowledge and Abilities Paper
GEN 200
03 October 2010

Professional Knowledge and Abilities

Several organizations and associations can have an impact on one’s career success by developing professional knowledge and abilities. The American Bar Association is an association of qualified attorneys dedicated to offering a wide range of opportunities and programs to its members, but more specifically, the ABA section of legal education has established the necessary core skills and values courses to those seeking a profession in law. Society dictates that a high social and economical status can be achieved through higher education with formal training.

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Furthermore, the 11 goals of the American Bar Association are to promote improvement in the U.S. judicial system, promote access to legal representation regardless of a persons economic or social condition, provide leadership in improving the law to serve the ever-changing needs of society, to increase public knowledge of conduct in the highest of regards, to provide benefit programs and services promoting professional growth and the quality of life of the members, advance the Rule of Law in the world, equal participation of women and minorities in the legal profession, maintain ideals of the law profession as a common calling and dedication to public service, preserve the independence of the legal profession and the judiciary as first and foremost in being a free society.
However, other circumstances and experiences also attribute to the acquisition and the quantity of one’s knowledge and abilities. For example, class papers, exams, presentations, projects, summer jobs, internships, work-study, student government, clubs, hobbies, family life and religious organizations are just a...

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