Professional Knowledge And Abilities Essay

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Professional knowledge refers to the set of fundamental principles, requirements, and behavioral rules, which, combined with the necessary skills, abilities, a high level of training and experience will determine an individual’s capability to accomplish certain professional tasks and her competency to practice a certain profession. Any particular profession has its unique knowledge base that distinguishes it from other professions. The purpose of all these professional education and training requirements, associated with the necessary skill set, is to ensure that the profession practitioner will provide the highest quality of work, done properly and safely. In other words, the knowledge base ...view middle of the document...

The purpose of these certifications is to ensure that the professionals are also informed about all the local and state regulations and respect them.
One more reason that makes the professional knowledge important for someone’s career is that it keeps the professional competitive on the workplace and the job-market. Better skilled and knowledgeable professionals are more capable to accomplish a variety of tasks and goals. This capability is the result of a continual improvement of their skills and knowledge throughout their lives as professionals. Because of the rapid growth and changes in the industry and job market it is imperative for each professional to become a lifelong learner and to find a way to gain access to the best lifelong learning resources. These have the role to help professionals develop business skills, improve professional knowledge, help them keep the pace with all industrial changes and new work-related technologies and requirements, and create professional networks.
Professional associations are, usually, nonprofit organizations of individuals working together to seek the interests and keep united and well informed the individuals engaged in a particular profession. Joining a professional association gives several advantages to the professionals.
One advantage is that this is the best way professionals can improve and keep in touch with the current and most relevant professional knowledge. Members of the professional association will gain access to conferences, industry reports, workshops, and many other resources that have the role to improve their professional knowledge.
Another advantage a professional association membership offers is the networking...

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