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Professional Knowledge Essay

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Professional Knowledge and Abilities
Albert K Smith
September 27, 2011
Allen Grandle

Professional Knowledge and Abilities Paper
The professional organization that has always interest me is the United Negro College Fund. This organization was founded in 1943 by Dr. Frederick D. Patterson (Frederick D. Patterson Research Institute, 2011). As an African American and growing up on the east coast; the United Negro College Fund was an organization that I had heard about often from my church and in school. This organization has a history of helping African Americans go to college. They play a critical role in enabling more than 60,000 students each year to attend college and obtain the education they need. To live up to their motto, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” The organization provides operating funds for its 38 member colleges. They are small, ...view middle of the document...

This will push and motivate me to be an expert and knowledgeable in my field of study. So without the organization knowing, they are helping me improve myself. The 38 member colleges belong to the Historically Black Colleges and University. Some of these colleges and universities have been selected through a foundation within the United Negro College Fund called The Annenberg Foundation of St. Davids, Pennsylvania. Their goal is to improve and strengthen the recruitment and retention of minority students interested in becoming teachers (United Negro College Fund, 2011)
The Baptist churches in the south alone the Bible belt have also been a positive influence and support of the United Negro College Fund. This to me is a positive thing because the children will be taught at a young age at home and in the church to strive to further their education. The Baptist churches the pastors themselves are graduates from a college or university that supports the United Negro College Fund. This knowledge and opportunity provided to men and women will teach them many skills. One skill I hope it teaches young men and women is how to write a checks and balances. These directly affect my career because I am studying business finance. I have come across too many people lately who are adults, but yet they cannot read a bank statement. So I am not surprise to discover that they have financial hardship and do not know how to get out it their situation. I plan on supporting this organization when I become successful in my business.
The United Negro College Fund receives finance donations from the HBCU, churches, and telethons. Some of their alumni have gone on to be prominent actors, actresses, professors, scientist, athletes, and speakers. One of the best known alumni is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who graduated from Morehouse. Some of whom attended a college or university supported by the United Negro College Fund. (United Negro College Fund, 2011)

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