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Professional Financial Analyst Essay

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Professional Financial Analyst
As a financial analyst working for a wealthy investor the selection as to where the client could potentially invest 2.6 million is an easy one. The two U.S. publicly traded companies that will be compared side by side are Caterpillar Inc. and John Deere. These two companies are both known for their brand names, equipment, and product service for years. However, one may appear to be more qualified than the other as that particular company is far more ahead at keeping up with market trends.
Caterpillar Inc.
The first company that will be evaluated for investment is Caterpillar Inc. They have been around for more than 85 years providing ...view middle of the document...

They serve customers in more than 180 countries around the globe with more than 300 products. In addition to this entire Caterpillar is well marketed through various medias including social medias such as Face book, Twitter, Linkedin and etc. (
John Deere
The second company that will be evaluated for investment is John Deere. They have been around for 175 years and are one of today’s most admired businesses. John Deere provides parts and equipment for agriculture, construction, forestry, residential, commercial, engines and drivetrain, and golf. When it comes to operations Deere and company is very selective in whom they do their business with. The businesses that they do business with must agree and support the terms of their core values. John Deere focuses on those who replenish and restore the land by planting, growing, and building. This commitment extends globally with a focus on six key areas – the United States and Canada, Europe, Brazil, Russia, India, and China. It’s in these areas where at least 75 percent of the world's future growth will occur. John Deere like Caterpillar has a focus of their own where they evaluate the future of their business. However their future focuses more along the lines of the world and its growth. The growth of the world will require a greater need for food and housing. Therefore farmers and contractors will need the proper tools to continue developing for these changes to population. This is where John Deere comes in and will available to supply these various businesses with the tools needed to continue to be productive when these demands occur. With that being said Deere and company will be around for more years to come as they will be suppliers of equipment that will provide food and housing to greater numbers in population. (
In a recession Caterpillar Inc. would lose a great amount of money as the services they provide will be possibly limited to only the financial portion operating. This is true due to the past decrease of businesses wanting to build or be able to afford such costly projects. The income statement and balance sheet indicated this as there was a decline in sales in past years. It will also sadly cause many employees to be out of work causing high levels of unemployment. However in this same situation John Deere would excel in the field of agriculture. This is because their business assists others in providing the world with the proper nourishment needed. Humans must have the proper nourishment to continue to sustain life. Therefore tools will be needed and money will be there to be made. Although there will be a change in the spending habits the food industry will continue to make money if they offer products and services at cheaper prices. This is a simple solution to recession when it comes to the purchasing prices of food as demand and supply increases and decreases all the time.
Higher Interest Rates
In a time...

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