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Professional Deveolpment For Nursing Essay

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Development for Nursing Professionals

October 12, 2013

As the US population continues to grow and become more diverse, health care needs must change and grow with it. The US Government passed the Affordable Health Care Act in March 2010. This gives an additional 32 million Americans an opportunity to have insurance coverage. This leads to an additional 32 million people that will be seen in health care facilities across the United States. In October 2010, the Institute of Medicine (IOM) developed a report depicting the need for nursing to be transformed in the areas of practice, education and leadership to meet the changing health care needs. This will enhance quality, ...view middle of the document...

Nursing is not only a profession but also a lifestyle that includes lifelong learning. There will always be continuing education with new developments, changing populations, new skills, and new medications. Nursing goes beyond physical patient care. It includes learning how to reach and care for patients and their families by meeting social, mental, and spiritual needs. This also includes doing it while maintaining ethics and integrity. Besides furthering nursing education, there is also talk of changing NCLEX exams in the future. Currently, questions on the exam are dealing with patients and situations in the acute care setting. With a more diverse, aging population, questions should be more based on community health, primary care, geriatrics and disease prevention (IOM, 2010).
Nurses should practice to the full extent of their education and training (IOM, 2010). The nurses’ role will always be patient care. With the Affordable Care Act (ACA) put into place, nurses’ will be forced to change from the acute care setting and specialized areas to a more diverse care of community health, geriatrics, primary care, and long-term care. Prevention is the key to the future of medicine. There will be more emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion instead of the disease process. Keeping people educated about their health, annual checkups, and for the elderly, long-term care, will provide a higher level of care, decrease errors, and increase patient safety. A number of barriers prevent nurses from being able to respond effectively to rapidly changing health care settings and an evolving health care system. These barriers need to be overcome to ensure that nurses are well positioned to lead change and advance health. A nurse is at the frontline of health care and knows best how to redesign delivery of care models to make it patient-centered, and safer and healthier for both nurses and patients.
Primary care practices are going to be of great value with this future change. To keep up with the growing needs of the population, there are going to have to be changes made. In a...

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