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Professional Development Plan Essay

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Professional Development Plan
Andrea Wilson
November 23, 2015

Professional Development Plan
Learning teams have to create an effective working relationship and environment in order to accomplish delivering completed assignments on time and delivering optimal results. The objective of this paper is to create a professional development plan by first identifying the characteristics of the team; as a group and individually based on the results of the individual assessments; while indicating the style of leadership I’d employ if I were to lead the team.
Learning Team B members are: Anthea Adams, Janice French, Marjorie Hansen, Chris Samuels, Billie Williams, and I, Andrea Wilson. Individual results are detailed as follows:
* Anthea – Predominantly a Cautious Style, with The Assessor substyle, whose primary goal motivator is excellent goal ...view middle of the document...

* My predominant style is Steadiness with the Go getter substyle who is less open and less indirect than most steadiness styles with motivating primary goal is the desire for a steady flow of accomplishments.
The characteristics of the team all hover on goal accomplishment some tend toward
perfection, while others are content with simply getting the job done along with those who had no problem with doing everything by themselves if it comes down to that. IN order to create harmonious working relationships for the team members with the Cautious styles I’d support their organized, thoughtful approach and reinforce my commitment through actions not just words. Overall, with all my team members’ common trait of logical thinking, I’d always provide reasoning as well as explanations and rationale, since they tend to prefer to do things alone, I’d tend to assign them tasks that will interact with others on their progress and performance. The Dominant Style would be dealt with on a businesslike level, stick to facts, not emotions, while maintaining precision and organization. The Interactive Style will require that I keep a fast paced and varying routine, while interacting and participating in order to fulfill the need for involvement and people contact. The Cautious Style will require me providing flexibility for exploration and thinking while in order to enquire and think before arriving at a decision. Assign duties that require assessment and some type of quality control.
Working within any group setting can be very challenging however when given an insight into behavioral styles, this can help to create a productive and efficient working environment as well as establishing ground rules for communication and conflict resolution.

Alessandro, D. (2015). The DISC Platinum Rule Behavioral Style Assessment. Based upon the Platinum Rule Model of Behavioral Styles, 1(1), 1-28.

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