Professional Development Of Nursing Professionals Essay

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Professional Development of Nursing Professionals
Gloria Krahn
Grand Canyon University: Professional Dynamics NRS-430V-0130
September 22, 2013

Professional Development of Nursing Professionals
The impact of the Institute of Medicine (IOM), (2010) report on transforming education, nursing practice, and the role of nurses in leadership is to benefit the advancement of nursing, but has some key factors needing to be addressed in order to transform the future of nursing. There are barriers to change and the system is fractionalized. As reported by the IOM, (2010) “Nurses have great potential to lead innovative strategies to improve the health care system. However, a variety of historical, ...view middle of the document...

Besides the increase of prepared nurse faculty, the report calls for change to increase nurses holding doctoral level degrees to help expand the ability to have advanced practice, leadership and teaching roles, and do research. As stated in the IOM (2010) report “Graduate-level education produces nurses who can assume roles in advanced practice, leadership, teaching, and research. For the latter role, a doctoral degree is required, yet as noted above, fewer than 1 percent of nurses have achieved this level of education.” (IOM, 2010, p. 197). The IOM (2010) report calls for a transition in education to include an expansion of lifelong learning competencies in education, increase diversity in student bodies to represent racial and minority groups including male gender, and to incorporate inter-professional education, which is an important concept to change according to the IOM (2010) report. The impact to this collaboration is that patient’s benefit from having a whole interdisciplinary team working for them in healthcare that is focused to improve their care. According to Creasia and Friberg “As these goals are pursued, the extent to which the profession attracts and uses the people who earn the most respected advanced degrees and then gives those people the opportunity to be role models and spokespersons for nursing will determine how the profession will grow in viability, usefulness, and esteem.” (Creasia & Friberg, 2011. p. 38).
The importance of transforming nursing practice in the area of primary care as the population health profile changes; there is the need to provide patient centered care, and the need to focus care on disease prevention and health promotion. The impact would then be a delivery system shift to primary care that happens more often in the community, and would enable healthcare practitioners to practice to their full extent as it relates to their competencies, education, and training, and it will incorporate advances in technology. The outcome of this impact would include professional collaboration to provide quality and safe care. An impact to shift healthcare into community practice is the use of healthcare informatics. The trend has already had an impact on healthcare practice by combining patient’s health information and made it accessible by linking patient’s electronic healthcare records (EHR) for use in many care settings. As described by Creasia and Friberg (2011) "Clinical documentation is a valuable component of the EHR and can increase the quality of care received by patients while...

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