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Professional Business Writing Essay

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Walt Disney is the one of the companies that I researched on what theories they implement in employee empowerment culture. The reason this company came to mind is because it is known as the happiest place on earth. A company that is known to be the happiest place on earth definitely caught my attention on how to implement what they have in place in our company. They have been successful for many years and keep going strong, so what better company to get guidance and mirror what they do for employee empowerment culture.
Disney’s believes in developing their employees’ responsibilities and confidence in the Disney workplace. They build solid working relationships that enable the ...view middle of the document...

Disney theories bring stellar results in employee achievements, customer service and confidence in their employee to take ownership on their responsibilities to stay on track with the mission and vision that Disney has in place. If I was the senior manager in this situation with these results of success I would not change a thing and keep it moving forward to greatness in keeping Disney as the happiest place on Earth (Disney, 2011).
The theory of penetration pricing in the marketing are that was interesting to me in researching was Wal-Mart stores. Their competitors were running between 50 to 100 advertising sales per year while Wal-Mart ran only a dozen a year. The founder of Wal-Mart Samuel Walton opened his first Wal-Mart on his philosophy of greatness in customer service, workplace, and having the lowest prices at all times (Wal-Mart Stores Inc, n. d.).
The implementation of warehouse strategy of distribution that Wal-Mart started in building their own warehouses allowed them to buy in volume and store it for their stores. They started to build stores 200 square mile surrounding their warehouses to be able to restock when they ran out of merchandise. The warehouse distribution strategy cut the costs down and gave Wal-Mart control over merchandise and operations where merchandise was restocked as soon as it was sold, so advertising was a small cost to distribute...

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