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Professional Development of Nursing Professionals
Professional Dynamics
February 14, 2016

Professional Development of Nursing Professionals
Health care has changed a lot in the past century and continues to keep evolving. Nurses play a crucial part in health care. There are many ways in which nursing has evolved with the times but there are also some areas in which it has not. In 2011, The Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Initiative on the Future of Nursing at the Institute of Medicine (IOM) released a report discussing the future of the nursing profession. The report describes what nursing education, practice, and leadership looks like today and how it needs ...view middle of the document...

Although achievable, barriers still exist. There are not enough educators for all of the applicants who wish to enter nursing school resulting in limited number of placement, creating long wait periods or deterring prospective students from entering the nursing profession (Blegen & Goode, 2013). Offering incentives for nurses to earn degrees past the baccalaureate level will help build up faculty (Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2011). The committee suggests incentives include financial assistance past the baccalaureate level and salary adjustments for graduate level nurses.
Even though required to work closely together and collaborate patient care, nurses, physicians, and other health care professionals are usually not educated together. Nurses need to learn how to manage complex conditions and coordinate care with multiple health professionals (Rosseter, 2015). Inter-professional learning among all members in the health care profession is encouraged. Doing this utilizes different perspectives to establish core competencies all health care professionals need as well establish rapport among different health care professionals (Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2011).
Through support from employers and others to help fund education, the elevation of educational standards, and an education system that recognizes previous learning experiences of returning students the eighty percent goal will be met (Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2011). Above all, nurses need to have the desire for a higher education.

Transforming Practice
The nursing profession has evolved more rapidly than the public policies that affect it (Bickford & Brewer, 2010). The ability of nurses to better serve the public is hampered by outdated policies involving practice (Bickford & Brewer, 2010). Scope of practice is determined by organizations like the American Nurses Association, federal and state boards. Each state has their own board of nursing; some are more progressive than others, which can create confusion about nursing practice. If the current regulatory barriers between what nurses can do based on their education and training and what they may do are not addressed, patients will continue to experience limited access to high-quality care (Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2011). Because of Medicare and Medicaid, the federal government maintains interest in regulating health professionals. If access to care is hindered, costs are too high, or if quality of care can be improved the federal government has a right to explore options and encourage change (Bickford & Brewer, 2010). The federal government also has the added benefit of harmonizing practice regulations among the states.
Patient expectations are increasing with advances in technology (Committee on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 2011). Expanding scope of practice to reflect the full extent of one’s education and...

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